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Are You Defined or Informed By Adversity?

personal development Jul 22, 2018

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation." - Henry David Thoreau, Walden

You and I are wired differently and we each have unique experiences. But you and I share the capacity for reason, a creative impulse, and a social instinct. What's more, you and I can choose how we frame any situation we find ourselves in.

No life is without trials and tribulations. But suffering is a choice. Suffering is what happens when you buy the lie that you are defined by your circumstances or that everything is beyond your control. You're not defined by your situation, and you do control the two things required to thrive anytime and anywhere. There's absolutely no need to resign yourself to a life of "quiet desperation."

Every adversity you face comes with lessons that can inform you. These lessons can be used to build yourself and help you become more resilient. You choose how an unfortunate incident or terrible tragedy is...

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The Perils of Self-Help

personal development Jul 19, 2018

“Have I done something for the common good? Then I share in the benefits. To stay centered on that. Not to give up.” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 11.4

The bookstore and library have a Self-Help section, but not a Help-Others section.


Humans are inherently social and collaborative beings. There's an evolutionary imperative for this. In the beginning, we were neither the strongest nor the fastest creature scuttling about the landscape and there were stronger and faster creatures out there eager to turn us into lunch.

It was banding together that enabled us to survive. This led to language which led to the development of our neo-cortex. And this all led us from being frightened furballs hiding in caves to becoming the hairless apes that dominate the planet.

Fast forward to today. We've discovered that living and working with others boosts not just our productivity and success, but our mental, physical, and spiritual health and happiness. There's plenty...

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Wicked Conversations

personal development Jul 14, 2018

How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

Wicked Conversations tackle Wicked Problems and help lead to Wicked Results.

The use of "Wicked" indicates challenging, interesting, and worth it, not evil or done with malicious intent.

What’s Are Wicked Conversations For?

Wicked Conversations provides an approach for engaging in challenging discussions that lead to a deeper understanding of topics that defy easy resolution and positions you don’t share.

Wicked Conversations tackle difficult subjects with curiosity and courage. In Wicked Conversations attachment to assumptions and agendas melt away and transformation and truth become accessible. 

Who Are Wicked Conversations For?

Wicked Conversations are for those who seek to engage in meaningful dialogue that embraces empathy and mutual respect, even when they do not reach consensus or mutual appreciation.

What Promise Is Wicked Conversations Making?

Applying the Wicked Conversation approach to challenging debates...

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Life doesn't happen to you. It happens through you.

personal development Jul 13, 2018

I listened to a podcast a few days ago during my cemetery run that featured Sam Harris and Dan Dennet arguing about free will. It was an interesting but ultimately fruitless, exchange.

Are you the master of our destiny or is your life fated?

The answer is unknowable and even if it was, knowing would be more harmful than helpful.

Either way, you have a role to play. 

The most helpful and healthy approach to the question of whether your life is decided by you or by providence is this. Accepting that life doesn’t simply happen to you but through you. This is the path to experiencing more well-being and prosperity in your work, life, and relationships.

In each and every moment you find yourself is the opportunity to choose how you frame your circumstance and what you decide to do next. At the very least, you are in charge of these choices.

Stepping forward with thoughtful intention, generous motivation, and an aspiration that is giving and kind is a choice you can...

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How to Shun Mediocrity

“What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for some goal worthy of him.” - Viktor Frankl

Work worth doing, concepts worth pondering, talents worth cultivating. These require a desire to embrace challenges and uncertainty with curiosity and courage.

The importance of commitment, dedication, consistency, generosity, and resilience are not unfamiliar to people like us.

But fear of failure is also a constant companion when you’re engaged in endeavors that matter. So are anxiety and Resistance. These forces try to push you to the convenient, the boring, and the dumb through guilt, shame, and a false sense of security. They tempt you to remain humble and hiding.

The good news is that there are workarounds, antidotes, and alternatives to fear, anxiety, and Resistance. These solutions exist in many traditions and disciplines. But I offer these “answers” by ancient Stoic philosophers on how to avoid to the urge or...

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Opportunity Vs. Outcome

personal development Jun 29, 2018

Do you spend more time than is healthy focusing on outcomes that are beyond your control? I know I do! Attachment to results that are beyond your determination is not just unhealthy, it's a path to suffering.

In any moment all you really control is how you frame things and what you do next. Whatever the situation or circumstance, you can choose to see the opportunity.

  • The opportunity to find a way around, under, over, or through difficulty.
  • The opportunity to join in a celebration.
  • The opportunity to meet a challenge worthy of your talent or training.
  • The opportunity to engage your curiosity, creativity, and courage.
  • The opportunity to practice the virtue of patience, humility, or acceptance.

It's likely you will encounter adversity, a complication, or some predicament today. Maybe you already are. How will you face it? Will you wish for things to go your way, or will yourself to find the opportunity?

Keep flying higher!

Scott Perry - Difference Maker at ...

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“Isn’t that interesting…?”

personal development Jun 23, 2018

A 3-Minute Read About Reframing Your Response to Fear So You Can Fly Higher!


The Predicament

What do you fear most in the work you do? Is it failure, inadequacy, irrelevance, obscurity, poverty? Perhaps it's "all the above."

Your work is fraught with challenges, uncertainty, and obstacles. So much is beyond your control. But you do control the most essential asset required to thrive in any situation or circumstance. What asset is that? 

Your mindset. The way you perceive "the game." 

And just three little words can reframe any state of affairs. You can find possibilities within challenges, options within uncertainties, and opportunities within obstacles. 


We Are All Creatives

 We are born with the capacity for reason, a creative instinct, and a social nature. This combination of characteristics differentiates us from all other living things on the planet. It’s also the source of your limitless power and potential. Potential people like us...

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Build Yourself from the Ground Up

Your life, your work, your year. When you look back at each of these, you can lose sight that they are built from months, days, hours, and minutes.

But it’s in each moment that you have an opportunity to start, or try, or test.

Each juncture provides an opportunity to face obstacles, misfortunes, and challenges with greater clarity and equanimity.

Each instant is a chance for you to succeed or fail, but also to learn, to grow. The opportunity for you to develop yourself.

And the next moment is your next chance to start again, or restart, or quit, or pivot, or change course.

And that’s how every endeavor is built. How each project, your life’s work, and your very life itself is constructed. Goal by goal. Action by action. Result by result.

Accepting what comes and then deciding what to do next.

Living and working moment to moment interrupts the voice of doubt living in your head. The self-critic, the over-planner, and the over-thinker that tries to hijack your...

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personal development Jun 20, 2018

Connection is a basic human impulse.

Driven by the social imperative that enabled us to survive as a species, connection and collaboration fuel our best chance of surviving and flourishing going forward.

When our connections are driven by curiosity and consideration instead of certainty and judgement, we invite collaborations worth cultivating and celebrating.

What will you do to create healthy exchanges that encourage progress and wellbeing to spread today?

Keep flying higher!

Scott Perry - Difference Maker at Creative on Purpose.

Ready to get out of your own way and get going in endeavors that make a difference? Stepping Into Possibility is a 3-minute read that shares three questions that will get you unstuck and on track doing the work you're meant to do!

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Acceptance Is Not Resignation or Weakness

“All you need are these: certainty of judgment in the present moment, action for the common good in the present moment, and an attitude of gratitude in the present moment for anything that comes your way.” — Marcus Aurelius

I had a fascinating discussion about Stoicism and creativity recently with my friend Chris Gill, Professor Emeritus of Ancient Thought at Exeter University. Chris is a deep thinker, a humble soul, and quiet dispenser of profound wisdom.

During our chat, we discussed acceptance.

As human beings and creative souls, we so often and easily attach ourselves to things beyond our control. Recognition, compensation, the opinions of others. These may appear important. They aren’t. The measure of our worth and that of our craft is reflected in how we approach them and toward what purpose we intend to serve.

We don’t control how we or our work are received. We must accept what comes. Resisting this is a path to suffering.

But acceptance...

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