All You Need to Be a Truly Happy Human

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Intention and integrity are words I frequently use in my work helping retirees start and scale fulfilling online lifestyle businesses that help fund their retirement.

But what do intention and integrity really mean?

An intention is an aim established for purposeful action.

Intentions are made on purpose, with purpose, and for a purpose.

Intentions determine your attitude (approach to what you do), and attitude informs and reveals your character.

Integrity implies a state undiminished and whole, fully aligned with your values.

Integrity is both a way of being and doing.

To think and act with integrity both informs and reveals your character.

Notice that both intention and integrity inform and reveal your character.

So what?

According to many spiritual or philosophical traditions, virtue is ALL that's required to be fully human and truly happy regardless of your situation or circumstances.

And what is virtue?

Virtue is a measure of moral excellence as displayed through ethical action (AKA "the content of your character").

So, all you need to live a flourishing life is simply to nurture virtue through cultivating the content of your character.

Easy, right?

Not in my experience. How about yours?

Simple is rarely easy...

What to do?

Again, the ancient spiritual and philosophical traditions are instructive—live into your soul's purpose.

We are each born whole and sufficient.

You possess everything you need to thrive while you strive to build identity and forge meaning in your life.

Society and institutionalized systems may mean well, but they are built to fulfill their purposes, not yours.

The path to virtue begins when you decide to seek and follow it.

Doing so with intention and integrity eases the effort.

Are you on the path of virtue? How can you bring more intention and integrity to that journey today? 

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at The Art of Encore Living

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