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Appreciation & Presence

One of the reasons appreciation is such an effective and efficient mood lifter is that it returns us to the here and now. It cultivates presence and mindfulness.

You can’t be grateful and anxious at the same time.

Anxiety is often caused by attachment to unhappy stories you’re telling yourself about the past or unhealthy expectations you have about the future.

Unhealthy desires are the root of suffering and appreciation is the antidote to desire.

Gratitude helps you see there are opportunities in the obstacles before you and the silver linings of your situation.

Appreciation recognizes that you are not flawed or broken. You’re a work in progress.

What unhealthy stories based on your past are you ready to let go of? What outcomes beyond your control are you ready to detach from?

Let’s get where we’re going by starting where we are right now.

Excerpt from Onward: Where Certainty Ends Possibility Begins

Scott Perry - Chief Difference Maker at ...

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Community & Culture

Community and culture are terms often misused and conflated.

Community is driven by proximity. The people you find yourself surrounded by defines your community. 

Culture is driven by ideas and actions. The shared ideas and idiosyncrasies of a group define culture. Culture isn’t necessarily tied to where we are at any given moment. 

We spend our lives so thoroughly immersed in community and culture that we don’t notice its impacts on us. We react and respond to its whims and wishes unconsciously.

Time to wake up.

You get to choose who you do and don’t spend time with. You also get to choose the beliefs and behavior you accept and those you don’t.

Get the community right and together bend the culture to help everyone develop their potential and deliver on their promise.

How can you be more intentional and specific about the community you spend time with and the culture you’re co-creating?

Excerpt from Onward: Where Certainty Ends...

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The Digital Campfire

Owning the influence you have over the community you keep and the culture you cultivate is powerful. It can also be a little intimidating.

The idea of a ‘digital campfire’ can help you baby step your way into this posture.

Of course, an in-person meet-up works too. But a virtual one can be a less intimidating way to start.

To build a digital campfire is to create an online meet-up for those you already know and seek to help more directly.

The challenge is to be specific and focused both on who is invited and the gathering’s intention. Avoid giving attendees a roasting stick, but nothing to stick on the end of it to toast.

Craft and construct a digital campfire that’s intimate, immediate, and fulfilling. Build it for people whose attention, trust, and permission you've already earned. These events are designed meet-ups created on and for a purpose.

Some digital campfires are for sharing ideas and insights, others for asking or answering questions, still others...

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Productivity Vs. Progress

Productivity and progress are too often confused.

Getting lots of different things done (productivity) can be a seductive way to hide from getting one thing done well (progress).

Productivity is the ability to create or generate goods or services. Progress is the more important activity of moving toward a goal.

Progress doesn't demand that you grind, hustle, pull long hours, over-do, or anything else you might do to feel productive.

Progress simply requires that you commit to making a change worth making and do only what must be done to achieve it.

Productivity doesn’t lead to progress. Progress is the result of getting what must be accomplished done.

What can you put on your 'stop-doing' list today to help you make actual progress in your endeavor? What’s the one thing you could do today that would propel your endeavor the furthest forward?

Excerpt from Onward: Where Certainty Ends Possibility Begins

Scott Perry - Chief Difference Maker at Creative on Purpose...

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