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Productivity Vs. Progress

personal development Jun 15, 2020

I conflated productivity with progress for a long time.

What I learned is that getting lots of different things done (productivity) is a seductive way to hide from getting one thing done well (progress).

Productivity is merely the ability to create or generate goods or services. Progress is the more important activity of moving toward a goal.

Progress doesn't demand that you grind, hustle, pull long hours, over-do, or anything else you might do to feel productive.

Progress simply requires that you commit to making a change worth making and do only what must be done to achieve it.

Progress isn't the result of productivity. Progress is the result of essentiality.

What can you put on your 'stop-doing' list today to help you make actual progress in your endeavor?

Scott Perry - Difference Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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