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Step Into Possibility

It’s never been more important to see clearly, think strategically, and act boldly to make the difference only you can make.

It's time to be creative on purpose.


Our Mission

Legacy isn't the money or monuments you leave behind, it's the difference you're making right now.

Creative on Purpose envisions a world where everyone can develop their potential through fulfilling endeavors done with and for others.  Let's make things better together!

Being Creative on Purpose Is a H2H (Human-to-Human) Endeavor

You Enhance Your Life Most Through Work Done With and For Others

Endeavor Better

Discover, develop, and deliver work that enhances the lives of others.

Endeavor Together

Fly higher in work that's worth it and done with and for others.

Endeavor Forever

Cultivate a mindset and posture for thriving while you're striving.

Meet Scott Perry

Scott Perry is a husband, father, teacher, musician, and Chief Difference Maker at Creative on Purpose. You may also know him as a head coach in Seth Godin's Akimbo Workshops or as the author of Endeavor.

Scott helps people get where they need to go and enjoys a cemetery run every day. He's also fond of quoting Marcus Aurelius and probably does so more often then he should…

Scott believes excellence is cultivated through work that enhances the lives of others. He helps people like you step into what's next with curiosity, courage, and a commitment to make things better.

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Seth Godin on Creative on Purpose Live

"Make things better by making better things." - Seth Godin

Being a student and coach in Seth Godin's programs inspires and influences each step of my endeavor.

Creative on Purpose is a blog, broadcast, coaching program, and community designed to help you get out of your own way and get going making a difference with and for the right people.

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The Latest from the Blog

Why Be Creative on Purpose?

Set worthwhile aims and develop a strategy to get there.

Find fellow travelers to do your work with and for.

Experience a greater sense of purpose, passion, and prosperity.

Connect + Convene + Collaborate + Carry On

An endeavor can be a lonely enterprise. Creative on Purpose's Difference Maker Coaching and Community provide clarity, direction, and support to help you fly higher in work that matters.

What Clients Say

Staci Boden

"Insightful. Vital. Decisive. Funny. As an individual coach, team leader and community facilitator, Scott Perry is a beacon for those fortunate to travel through change alongside him. He teaches generosity by living it."

Colin Steel

"Scott's clear thinking and generous encouragement have helped me see that making a difference is not a matter of having a bigger dream, but of taking many small steps in the right direction."

Randi Millard

"Creative on Purpose delivers on the promise of better living through endeavors that make a difference. Scott’s methodology leads to greater clarity, deliberate effort, and break-through experiences."

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