Stuck at a work-life crossroads?

Unleash the Power of Purpose

Craft a life filled with prosperity and possibility.


Find Fulfillment, Forge Meaning, & Make a Difference

Align who you are with what you're good at and where you belong.

Experience Better Living While Making a Bigger Difference

You have more to offer than what you do on the job. You're ready to make a more significant and more meaningful contribution.


Don't die with the difference only you can make still inside.


Experience greater joy and equanimity while doing work that fulfills and fuels you.

Draw on time-tested wisdom, vetted scientific principles, and pragmatic practices that are easy to weave into the life you're already living. 


A life of integrity, intention, and impact can be yours.


Worthiness, will, and well-being comes when you lean into your purpose with focus, boldness, and discipline.


Creative on Purpose programs help you:

  1. Define, develop, and deliver the difference only you can make

  2. Maintain your equanimity while you strive for excellence

  3. See, step into, stay in, and share your power

  4. Nurture routines and relationships that lead to prosperity and fulfillment

  5. Assume agency over your internal narrative and external actions

The Power of Purpose

Discover the Secret to a Life Filled With Passion & Prosperity
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  • Who purpose is for and where it is found

  • How to discover and activate your purpose

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About Scott Perry

I'm a purpose solution coach. Craft the life of your dreams—a life filled with passion, prosperity, and possibility lived with integrity, intention, and impact.

I'm also a husband, father, and grandfather from Floyd, VA, USA, and a former head coach of Seth Godin's Freelancer's and Creative's Workshops (and author of Akimbo Workshops' Head Coach Essentials Guide).

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You, and the change you seek to make, are worth it.

Haven't you wasted enough time
 imagining and planning to develop your potential? Are you tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere when you know you can make a difference?

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