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Professionals invested in the work of social impact make a difference. Work that matters is fulfilling, but it's also fraught. You encounter uncertainty and adversity every day. It's easy to succumb to overwhelm and slip  into burnout. It doesn't have to be so hard, and you don't have to do it all alone. You can cultivate greater joy and equanimity while you lean in and level up as a difference-maker.

Creative on Purpose's Difference-Maker programs draw on time-tested wisdom, vetted scientific principles, and pragmatic practices that are easy to weave into the life you're already living. Worthiness, will, and wellbeing comes when you lean into the work right in front of you with focus, boldness, and discipline.

Let's work together to make things better.

Difference-Maker programs help you:

  1. Define, develop, and deliver the difference only you can make

  2. Maintain your sense of sufficiency while you strive for excellence in endeavors that serve others

  3. Cultivate a posture and mindset for stepping into possibility

  4. Nurture routines and relationships that cultivate excellence and lead to real prosperity and fulfillment

  5. Fully embrace your agency over your internal narrative and external actions

About Scott Perry

I help difference-makers invested in social impact work embrace uncertainty and navigate adversity with greater intention and equanimity.

I'm Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose, and author of the Amazon titles Endeavor and Onward. I'm also the head coach in Seth Godin's Creative and Freelancer Akimbo Workshops.

I'm a husband and father, go for a cemetery run every day, and quote Marcus Aurelius more often than I should. 

I found and spread joy as a professional musician and guitar teacher for over thirty years while maintaining a happy marriage, homeschooling our sons, and taking care of business.

My process employs principles and practices that are time-tested and scientifically vetted.

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The Creative on Purpose Blog

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Fly higher in the difference only you can make.

Insight and inspiration for living your legacy through work that matters.


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“Scott Perry lives by the values of being interested, in following your curiosity and building inside what others cannot take from you. It shows in his interviews. Grateful to be a part of his series.” Jacqueline Novogratz, founder of Acumen Fund and author of, Manifesto for a Moral Revolution

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“I’ve had a lot of podcast interviews over the years, but there was something special about the spontaneity of my conversation with Scott Perry. He did something very unique: he listened. Then elegantly, he summarized what I’d said and asked a question based on it. That was fun and engaging!” Shawn Askinosie, Askinosie Chocolate

“A rich and rewarding conversation.”

“Scott brought a depth of understanding to the conversation that is rare. He contributed insights and ideas that made for a rich and rewarding conversation. I learned something simply by joining the conversation with him. A total pleasure.” Sheila Heen, author of Difficult Conversations

“Creative on Purpose is an endeavor worth paying attention to.”

“Creative On Purpose is an endeavor worth paying attention to. The conversations Scott initiates are insightful, inspiring, and are making a difference.” Chip Conley, author of Wisdom @ Work and Founder of The Modern Elder Academy

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“Thank you for your invaluable reflections. You help me become the difference-maker I wish to be.” Nadine Kelly

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“I appreciate the amount of depth you’re able to share in a read that takes less than a minute.” Ryan Flahive


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