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What Pain Teaches

personal development Jan 13, 2020

"I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become." - Carl Jung

Pain and suffering are real. Each is difficult to navigate. Either can break us temporarily or permanently.

But pain and suffering are not the same. Understanding the distinction can make all the difference.

Pain is different than suffering.

Physical, psychological, or spiritual pain is a human response to injury, loss, or absence. Suffering is attachment to pain, desire, or outcome.

Pain is an affliction. Suffering is a choice.

Experiences Vs. Identity

You are not defined by your pain or suffering unless you decide to be.

How you respond to pain is both a reflection of character and an opportunity to cultivate it.


Refusing pain's invitation to suffer affords the opportunity to be taught by it; to not become broken but instead broken open. 

Meet pain with acceptance and you become more committed, connected, and compassionate with yourself and...

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The Catastrophe of Self

personal development Jan 06, 2020

The Catastrophe of Self

It happens over and over, again and again. I see it in the lives and work of those I serve and in my own endeavors. In our efforts to be and do better, what obstacle impedes our progress? What foe trips us up at the finish line? What force conspires against us?

"We have met the enemy, and he is us." - Walt Kelly, Pogo

Yes, we are the primary impediment to our own progress. Yet we continue to name it as if it exists outside of ourselves. Resistance, imposter syndrome, and all the other ways we personify fear, doubt, anxiety, and self-loathing.

Is there a way through, over, or around this self-sabotage? I've certainly tried. I've crafted all manner of maps and compasses to help myself and others learn how to change your mind and how to get out of your own way.

And yet, I continue to insert myself between the me I am and the me I want and need to be every day. I bet you do too. Why?

In part, that's the gig. Work that's worth it, any meaningful enterprise,...

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Now What?

personal development Jan 01, 2020

As we step into a new year and a new decade, many of us are considering stepping into new possibilities.

What are you starting today? Healthier habits? Better relationships? Meaningful work?

What I learned in 2019 is that I experience the greatest sense of wellbeing when I'm engaged in efforts done with and for the right people. Endeavors that enhance the lives and prospects for us all.

I experienced less anger, frustration, and exhaustion last year and more prosperity, purpose, and flourishing than any of my other fifty-five spins around the sun.

And last year was just the beginning of my journey to live my legacy daily.

Last year I cultivated the mindset and posture of a real difference maker. This year I'm going to leverage both to lean in and level up and help at least one-hundred of you start experiencing less stress and more joy in work that matters.

I start today with thirty of you who are already in the Difference Maker Community as current or...

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What's your vision for 2021?

personal development Dec 30, 2019

Progress in your endeavor must begin with answering this question, "What is your vision for a better world?" 

Answer that question for 2021 and establishing your mission, goals, strategy, and tactics for 2020 becomes much easier.

What's your vision for 2021? Who will you serve? How will your endeavor make things better for them?

My vision for 2021 is that we all experience a greater sense of purpose and passion through endeavors that make a difference.

My mission for 2020 is to help the entire Creative on Purpose community move from dreaming to doing in work that's worth it.

My 2020 goal is to help at least one hundred of you move from practicing your craft to experiencing prosperity through your work.

The strategy for doing this is to get one hundred members of the Creative on Purpose community to connect the dots and with each other in the Difference Maker coaching program and community....

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A Gift to Help You Endeavor Better in 2020

personal development Dec 25, 2019

In 2019 I released a 29-page handbook that became a #1 top-seller in three Amazon categories. It shares the complete process used to develop Creative on Purpose into a prosperous endeavor that makes a difference.

I'd like to give you a copy.

I hope something in the Creative on Purpose Handbook informs and inspires you to share something great in 2020.

We need you.



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How to make 2020 the best year ever in your endeavor.

personal development Dec 23, 2019

What are you doing to prepare for making 2020 the best year ever in your endeavor?

Here's some of what I did in 2019 that helped me fly higher with Creative on Purpose. I'd welcome hearing your thoughts on any of these tips!

I'd love to hear how you're preparing to fly higher in an effort that makes a difference in 2020! Email me anytime at

The tips I shared above made 2019 a defining year at Creative on Purpose. A meaningful hobby became a thriving enterprise. An assertion that our lives are enhanced most through work that serves others became a mission and a movement.

I could not do any of this without you.

Thank you for lending this project some of your valuable time and attention. Thank you for the comments, questions, and feedback. It helps me refine and clarify our vision and purpose.

Creative on Purpose exists to make things better by helping you...

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Happiness Is Overrated

personal development Dec 16, 2019

Happiness, it's what most of us are chasing. If you're American,"the pursuit of happiness" is even a patriotic duty, 

We look for it in love, work, and what we buy and yet...

According to all the studies, most of us aren't finding happiness. Actually, the opposite of happiness, depression, and anxiety are on the rise.

I wonder if we're all chasing the same thing? How do you define happiness? What do you measure to determine your level of happiness? Is happiness the real measure of your wellbeing?

I think happiness is overrated.

Happiness is usually associated with delight, pleasure, and joy. It is typically singular and selfish. A "victory" or accomplishment associated with having good luck or fortune shine upon you.

Therein, at least to me, lies the rub. The selfishness inherent in our pursuit of happiness is at odds with our social nature and needs. 

"You enhance your life most through endeavors that serve others." - Scott Perry, Endeavor

What if...

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Character Loans

personal development Dec 09, 2019

When I decided to open up a music store in my little town I went to my bank. After a quick chat that was more catching up than discussion of my business plan, I signed a note, shook hands with the bank manager, and left with a larger loan than I'd asked.

In the financial world this kind of transaction is called a character loan. Money leant more or less entirely based on a person's reputation and standing in the community.

Character is who you really are and reputation is who other people think you are. Character and reputation don't always align. However, if you consistently show up and act with the intention and integrity you talk about, your character can strongly influence your reputation.

Character may matter more than reputation, but it's nice when they rhyme.

Who are you? Does it match with what others think? What can you do today to help ensure it does?

Let's keep flying higher together!


BTW, an endeavor is a great way to develop character and...

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Work I Love by People I Like

personal development Dec 07, 2019
2019 has been a breakthrough year for Creative on Purpose. A meaningful hobby became a thriving and prosperous enterprise that makes a difference. 
This is largely due to friends and fellow travelers I met in Seth Godin's altMBA and Akimbo Workshops.
To start returning the favor, I'm sharing the great work some of these fellow travelers are doing to make things better.
To all, I appreciate your work, the difference you make, and your friendship. Thank you!
Creative on Purpose is informed and inspired by:
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Spending Vs. Investing

personal development Dec 01, 2019

If you're like me, you spent some time with family and friends last weekend. You probably spent some money as well.

Time spent with the right people is an investment. So is money well spent. You enhance your life and the lives of others through investments made with intention and integrity.

What about time and money wasted? I did some of that last weekend too. How about you? Sadly, that time and money is a sunk cost. You and I can't get that time and money back.

But learning from poor spending decisions sets the stage for making better decisions next time. You can endeavor better through better investment of your time and money.

So, where are you spending your time and money today? What about your attention? Is this time, money, and attention spent being wasted or invested?

Let's keep flying higher together!


Ready to better serve those you care about? Invest some time in learning to endeavor better. Visit and enroll in...

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