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Why Testify?

personal development Feb 25, 2019

The significance of what it means to testify goes beyond the context in which the term is often heard today. There's more power in the act of testifying than what it means in the legal or even religious sense.

The root of "testify" means "witness." Bearing witness in a legal or religious context is important, but on a deeper level, a human level, testifying is truly profound.  Standing up to be seen and speaking up to be heard is a courageous act. 

To testify is also the generous act of sharing your truth. You assert based on your personal experience and observation. But it speaks to a universal concern or endeavor. Most important, to testify is to commit to action based on your belief.

"This is what I see. This is what I think. This is what I'm doing."

Bearing witness creates tension. Those beholding your testimony must decide what they do next. Testimony invites collaboration and the opportunity to build trust and forward motion. It also invites...

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What Is an Endeavor?

endeavor book excerpts Feb 20, 2019

It's more than a hobby, but not necessarily your job or role. It’s a vocation found at the intersection of who you are, what you're good at, and where you belong. An endeavor is work that you are meant to do now.

An endeavor cultivates gratitude because you don’t have to do it, you get to do it. It also generates appreciation in others because it is a gift generously shared with those who need it.

Endeavors shun the status quo. These efforts intend to transform. Endeavors strive to help people get from where they are to where they want to be.

Endeavors cultivate fulfillment and well-being. They align who you are, what you do, and where you belong. These enterprises encourage a sense of passion and purpose. Endeavors inform a healthy perspective about your status and level of prosperity.

You might luck out and “wander” into a vocation, but a thoughtful approach gives you better odds of developing and delivering work that is significant and satisfying.


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The Power of Affiliation

personal development Feb 18, 2019

Affiliation strikes fear into the hearts of those invested in the status quo.

The status quo favors the exclusive club at the top. They stay there through control and domination. For those winning the status quo game, confidence, certainty, and even arrogance and sociopathy are rewarded. Curiosity, courage, and creativity are discouraged. Those that don't take a hint are punished. The status quo amplifies our differences and fears to keep us humble, hiding, and alone.

How do those that recognize the selfishness and self-indulgence of the status quo make things better? How do we break the status quo and build something better? Something that cultivates compassion shares the abundance available?


When the humanitarian, generous, and active gather, the door to possibility is cracked open. When the affiliated leverage the very impulses the status quo fears, curiosity, courage, and creativity, there's an opportunity to break the status quo and build something better....

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"The Hard Part" - Getting Beyond Unhealthy and Unhelpful Beliefs

personal development Feb 18, 2019

Why do we cling to beliefs that hurt our sense of wellbeing and impede our happiness? Why do we believe in things that don't stand up to scrutiny or science? Why is the change we know is good for us so hard to make?

We're born with the capacity for reason, why do we use that power to rationalize beliefs that cause us harm? Why can't we think things through and "see the light?"

The fact is, you can't think your way out of unhealthy or unhelpful beliefs because those beliefs don't "live" in your thinking brain. They reside in the darker regions of your reptile brain. That brain is only programmed for fight or flight and procreation.

"The hard part" about changing pernicious and persistent delusions is that you can't think them through, because the place where those beliefs live only reacts. Like our beliefs, most of our behavior is driven by the unconscious.

Here's what we know, behavior informs and inspires beliefs, not the other way around. Before you change your...

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Stoicism Basics for Creatives & Other Human Beings


I assert that "stoicism is stupid."

To be clear, what I mean is, common English usage, lower case "s" stoicism is a pretty poor strategy for cultivating happiness while building a life worth living.

Meaningful living and work, without question, involves challenges, misfortunes, and invitations for shame and suffering. And "keeping a stiff upper lip" and grimly enduring such hardships will bring no feelings of peace, prosperity, or wellbeing.

On the other hand, capital "S" Stoicism, the ancient philosophy of life, has much wisdom and value to impart to those who strive to endeavor better. First and foremost, Stoicism asserts that excellence of character is all that is required to "live the good life."

Although virtue is sufficient, Stoicism also encourages us to strive to make both the world and ourselves "better" and also provides principles and practices for doing just that.

The video above is from a Facebook Live broadcast from the Creative On Purpose Facebook Page...

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Teach to Learn

personal development Feb 11, 2019

Teaching is what I was born for. Some of my earliest childhood memories are about sharing what I just learned with others.

What I've learned is that teaching serves the teacher as much as the student. It reveals what you truly understand and what you don't. This allows you to leverage your strengths while you develop your weaknesses.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to become a better teacher, and therefore, a better learner.

  • What have I learned or discovered?
  • Will it serve others as well?
  • How can I frame what I learned so others can learn it more easily than I did?
  • How can I share that frame in a way that encourages others to share it as well?

Teaching creates tension and leverages status. Good teachers do so ethically and with empathy. You simultaneously reveal incompetence while holding out the promise of competence in an endeavor that matters. Good teachers beget good teachers. They elevate and enhance the community.

Teachers make a difference. They...

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"The Process" - How to Get Work Worth Doing Done

personal development Feb 04, 2019

What is productivity, really?

It’s not just “getting things done.” Everyone gets all sorts of things done daily. After a day of doing things, most are exhausted, But some get remarkable work done every day and appear energized by the effort. Wouldn’t you like to be one of those people? I decided that I did.

Since graduating from Seth Godin’s altMBA program two years ago, I built a brand, Creative On Purpose, and developed a successful and self-sustaining coaching program, membership site, speaking and workshop career, released two best-selling books on Amazon, and published over 100 blog posts and broadcasts.

And I’m just getting started.

My family, friends, fans, and followers frequently refer to me as “a shipping machine” and ask, “How do you do it?”

I developes something I call “The Process.” It involves these five steps: Vision, Mission, Goal, Strategy, and Tactics.

These are terms you might use all the...

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personal development Feb 03, 2019

My wife and I homeschooled our sons. We invested much of that time in cultivating a love for storytelling. The boys were not only avid readers but also developed a love for crafting tales in various ways.

They also had a knack for “inventing” words to “better” describe things that existing words just didn’t adequately capture. For instance, Spencer, our oldest son’s favorite thing to do was “celegrate.” Spencer wasn’t just “grateful to celebrate” birthdays and holidays. He “celegrated” everything from peanut butter sandwiches and naptime to family gatherings and outings.

When I asked our youngest, Emerson, how his day was, his response was, “productful.” With Emerson, “fulfilling productivity” rarely included his math and Spanish homework. More often it was all the “treasure” he collected and “forts” he built on his rambling adventures around our...

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Of Shame and Sufficiency

Shame is an invitation you do not have to accept.

There is no shame in sufficiency.

You can’t advance any endeavor without making mistakes. Getting things "right" involves going through a lot of "wrong."

And some of those "wrong" choices come with a heaping helping of regret. And when regret appears, you can be sure that shame is following close behind.

But here's the thing, when shame comes to visit, you don't have to extend it an invitation to stay for a week or even overnight. You’re not required to ask shame to lunch or tea.

Don't draw the shades and lock the door. That only encourages shame to hang around. And shame is very patient and extremely persistent.

Instead, meet shame at the door and thank it.

"Thank you, Shame, for coming by. Your presence indicates I have work to do. A mistake to own, an apology and amends to make. Sitting with you, for even a minute, will only get in the way of the important work I must do. So, thanks again for stopping by, I'm quite...

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Creatives Break Things

Creatives break things. It comes with the job. Things are as they are, and then the creative brings forth something new. Suddenly what was is no longer what is.

It so often happens at the micro level that you simply stop taking note. But sometimes the change is so profound that everyone notices.

Everyone used to have a phone hanging on their kitchen wall. Now no one does.

Voting was a white man's privilege. Now we agree that it's everyones.

You were born a non-walker and non-talker. Now you do both without a thought.

The status quo appears immutable. But your creative capacity is a powerful lever. 

What are you ready to break? What will you make that's better?

Keep flying higher!

Scott Perry - Chief Difference Maker at Creative on Purpose.

Ready to get out of your own way and get going in endeavors that make a difference? Stepping Into Possibility is a 3-minute read that shares three questions that will get you unstuck and on...

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