How to Solve Problems More Effortlessly

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To reason from first principles is to distill a problem to its essential elements by asking powerful questions to uncover fundamental truths.

This approach helps us separate facts from assumptions to build better solutions from the ground up.

For instance, when I was a musician and decided to explore playing jazz guitar, I initially thought it was too complicated for someone of my abilities and age to learn and excel at.

But all music is created with only twelve notes and a few fundamental elements: melody, harmony, and rhythm. These are employed in every song ever written.

Reasoning from these first principles helped me develop the skill and confidence to play and perform jazz.

As an encore life coach, I let myself get lost in the weeds of chasing the latest tips, tricks, and hacks peddled by the experts, influencers, and scammers.

But you can't build a business that makes a difference on tips, tricks, and hacks.

Reasoning from first principles, I established the core elements of a fulfilling and prosperous coaching business: an irresistible offer, an eager audience, and a disciplined sales strategy.

First principles thinking allowed me to build a thriving business by employing just those three essentials.

What are the challenges in your life where you're spinning your wheels?

How might first principles thinking help you get unstuck, out of your own way, and get going making the difference you seek to make?

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at The Art of Encore Living

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