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From Wrong to Right - The 4 Rs of an Intentional, Healing, & Meaningful Apology

personal development Dec 18, 2016

None of us are beyond making a mistake, an unintended slight, a misstep, or a moment of cluelessness that causes injury. Don't dig in, make excuses, whitewash, or feign ignorance. The art of apology can turn things around when done well.

Recognize That You Did Something Wrong

You did it. You know you did it and so does the person to whom you’ve done wrong. Denying, rationalizing, justifying, or otherwise running away or hiding from it is making a tough situation worse and a burdensome obligation harder.

State clearly and concisely what you did to whom you did it.

Take Responsibility for What You Did

There, you did the hard part first. Now it’s time to own it. You did it and you know it was wrong. Congratulations, you’re not a psychopath.

Express Sincere Regret

Don’t do this half-way, don’t hold back, don’t worry about having it accepted. Time to say “I’m sorry,” in the most authentic and compelling way you are capable.


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Let’s Talk About Gratitude - Even Better, Let’s Practice It!

Let’s talk about gratitude. Not the mindless act of saying “Thanks” when someone passes the salt, but the mindful act of acknowledging and truly appreciating the people and situations that make up every moment of our lives.

As I write this, Thanksgiving is a week from today. For many of us here in the states it’s simply a day off and an opportunity to over eat and binge watch football. But it can be a reminder and opportunity to practice real gratitude.

Stoic Gratitude Practice

Marcus Aurelius begins Meditations with such a practice. He thoughtfully lists the wisdom, lessons, and virtues each person in his life taught him. Throughout Meditations, he reminds himself to not be attached to position or things and to embrace and be grateful for having his basic human needs met.

Your Turn

Take a small notebook or open a notebook app on your device and begin and/or end each day by writing down three simple gifts, blessings or mercies. They can be people, situations,...

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Checking Our Intention & Motivation

It’s not a bad idea for creative people, like you and I, to pause from time to time and check our motivation and intention. Why are we practicing and sharing our craft? What’s it for?

Do we want to be noticed? Accepted? Praised? Rewarded?

Uh oh, better check ourselves! This path never ends well because it can’t be sustained! When we chase such things there is never enough. These wants can never be satisfied.

What if all we want is to explore? Expand? Inspire? Challenge?

These are meaningful and worthwhile vocations that will lead to true and sustainable happiness.

Check in with your intention and motivation from time to time and be sure it aligns with your purpose and then, carry on! We need and want what you have to offer!

Keep flying higher!


Chief Difference Maker at Creative on Purpose

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10,000 Hours to Mastery, But 20 Hours Gets You Started!

personal development Nov 01, 2016

“The 10,000 Hour Rule” was popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Outliers. I believe in it. It takes a lot of practice to achieve a level of mastery in any complex task that requires higher cognitive thinking.

Learning a language, becoming a chess master, coding, becoming a professional athlete, playing jazz guitar….

You get the picture.

Practicing with intention 4 hours a day 5 days a week (or 3hours a day everyday), and it takes 10 years to achieve a level of mastery of your craft. A daunting amount of time and effort for most of us! But don’t be dissuaded!

We can achieve a remarkable level of competence in any of these endeavors after just 20 hours of practice. In other words, the journey begins with our first steps. Leaping and leaning into the process is the way we begin any meaningful journey.

Passion may be what compels us to begin a new adventure, but purpose is the only thing that will drive us to...

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