The Art of Encore Living

art of encore living personal development May 30, 2022

We all do the work we have to do to make a living.

If we're lucky, that work isn't soul-sucking and maybe even feels rewarding.

And if we're REALLY lucky, that work aligns with who we are, what we're good at, and where we belong.

That kind of work feels meaningful and fulfilling—more of a vocation than simply an occupation.

I've been VERY fortunate. I've made a living doing work I've been called to do several times—as a musician, teacher, and now an encore life coach. 

If you haven't found your soul's calling, it's not your fault.

Institutionalized education and occupation systematically indoctrinated you to ignore and deny your dreams.

Instead of nurturing your innate instincts for creativity, collaboration, and curiosity, society has compelled you to comply, compete, and settle for the status quo.

And yet...

You can find and define your lifework—the work you GET to do anytime you choose and decide to do the inside-out work of reconnecting with who you really are, what you're really good at, and where you really belong.

Your life is speaking to you RIGHT NOW. Will you heed its call and let it speak through you?

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at The Art of Encore Living

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