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Creatives Break Things

Creatives break things. It comes with the job. Things are as they are, and then the creative brings forth something new. Suddenly what was is no longer what is.

It so often happens at the micro level that you simply stop taking note. But sometimes the change is so profound that everyone notices.

Everyone used to have a phone hanging on their kitchen wall. Now no one does.

Voting was a white man's privilege. Now we agree that it's everyones.

You were born a non-walker and non-talker. Now you do both without a thought.

The status quo appears immutable. But your creative capacity is a powerful lever. 

What are you ready to break? What will you make that's better?

Keep flying higher!


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The Rise of the Virtue Vampire

Many ancient philosophical and religious traditions speak to the importance of virtue. The ancient Cynics said it was all that was required to live "the good life." The Stoics said it was "sufficient." As a kid, I learned the Catechism of the Catholic Church which instructed that a firm disposition to do "the good" by practicing the seven virtues was required to get to heaven.

My experience is that the Stoics got it right. Virtue is its own reward and sufficient for a life lived well. Your mileage may vary.

Whatever your relationship with virtue,  virtue matters. It matters a lot. Pursuing excellence as a human being means cultivating the content of your character for its own sake.

Of course, nurturing virtue also means extending compassion and justice to others. In fact, you enhance yourself most when you elevate the lives of others.

But is there a downside to virtue? The current display of "virtue signaling" by politicians, social...

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The Fog of Craft

personal development Jan 07, 2019

Tactics are so numerous in the digital age. Analytics, metrics, ads, boosts, 7-step systems, hacks, tricks, etc. abound. And they're soooo bloody seductive!

So are the many invitations to develop technique. Blogs, books, YouTube videos, online courses, and famous successful people promising to "show you the way."

"The fog of craft." Getting lost in the weeds of tactics and technique. Stuck in the "just in case" learning cycle. Sinking in the quicksand of minutiae.

What's the antidote?

Stop succumbing to the seduction of "easy" and "later." Replace it with the power of "do" and "now."

Set a small goal. Develop a strategy. Choose the one smallest step you can imagine to make progress toward that goal. Align your goal, strategy, and tactic with your values, talents, and tribe. Then, go.

Progress is made by leaning into the work and learning through the process of try and test. Reflect and iterate. Rinse and repeat.

Bonus insight. The digital age is the age of...

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Reflection & Inflection 2018

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2018

I don't often dwell on the past. But I am reflecting on 2018 today and the inflection points that inform and inspire what's coming in 2019 for Creative On Purpose.

Here's a few highlights from 2018:

The vision for 2019:

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3 Crucial Lessons Learned in 2018 to Help You Endeavor Better in 2019

personal development Dec 30, 2018

Many conversations in 2018 informed and inspired my journey to develop myself through enhancing the lives of others. Each helped me develop and deliver my greatest endeavor so far

These three had the biggest impact in helping me cultivate a greater sense of peace and prosperity, even when encountering “challenge opportunities,” as I sought to endeavor better. 

“Make the world better by making better things.” — Seth Godin

“Engineer the smallest possible step.” - Marie Schacht

“If you are a force for good in this world, get your sh*t together around how you fund that.” - Michael Bungay Stanier

Hope something here helps you fly higher while making a difference in 2019!


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Life Without FOMO: The Virtues of "Missing Out"

personal development Dec 27, 2018

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), is a relic of our prehistoric brain that has outlived its necessity and utility.

When we scuttled about the planet as just another species trying to get enough to eat without being eaten, FOMO was very real. Miss out on a meal when they come with dangerous infrequency could mean starvation and even death.

Miss out on a text, an email, or an online offer and you probably won't even notice. In fact, you may be better off.

Being intentional about where you spend your valuable time and attention and what you spend it on doesn't induce fear. It's empowering. It cultivates temperance and taste. It develops character and will.

Make better choices and make a better future.

Keep flying higher!


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Generosity is the expression of kindness, understanding, and selflessness. It’s an inherent impulse born of our social nature. This primal quality explains why giving and helping makes you feel good and why being selfish and stingy feels terrible. As with gratitude, there is good science supporting the assertion that generosity also boosts your health and happiness.

Generosity requires the recognition of others and therefore cultivates empathy and compassion. It leads to a feeling of “oneness” with others which enhances the experience and emotional health of both the giver and receiver.

Developing your generous nature enables you to move beyond need and desire. Generosity helps you recognize that you are, and already have, “enough.” You already possess an abundance of gifts. These gifts only have meaning through developing and sharing them.

Generosity creates bonds, encourages collaboration, and fuels reciprocity.

Be generous.


This is an excerpt...

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"Just In Case" Vs. "Just In Time"

personal development Dec 17, 2018

Are you a "just in case" learner, or a "just in time" doer?

You and I grew up in the age of "just in case" education. Learn your algebra, learn to diagram a sentence, learn the battles of the Civil War, and learn the rules of volleyball just in case you might need them later.

But you and I now live in the age of "just in time" education. Start a project, start a blog, start coding an app, start an online store and, when you need to learn something, that information is only a few keystrokes away. You can learn anything you need to know just in time. 

You don't need to learn skills you'll never employ. You don't have to waste time filling your brain with information you'll never use. You mustn't wait for the right teacher or a grade. You can start this very moment.

So, what are you going to do today? Read another book, take another class, watch another YouTube video just in case it might come in handy someday? Or are you going to start an endeavor...

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Care to Coddiwomple?

personal development Dec 16, 2018
Maybe your experience is different, but sometimes I take myself and my work a bit too seriously. I treat my life and my vocation like a quest. A hero's journey to find guides, fight dragons, and ferret out treasure.
But when I look back at my most meaningful endeavors, they look more like a coddiwomple.
I wonder what would happen if I took myself and my work a bit less seriously? What if I allowed myself a bit of whimsy and wonder and gave myself permission to wander?

"All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost." - J. R. R. Tolkien 
Here are some more words to add to your vocabulary to encourage your spirit of exploration and help you embrace your life's adventures more like an infinite game and less like a finite one.
Maybe some of these terms will help you to feel a bit more nouminous during your expeditions and experience less dépaysement.

 “Do not go where the...

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