It's All Relative

art of encore living personal development Apr 26, 2023
Scott Perry Promoting a Blog Post About the Value of Relationships as Force Multipliers

How do you get clear about and closer to what you want in your life's next chapter?

Force multipliers and leverage.

Embracing your unique experience and perspective informs idiosyncratic insights and skills that provide leverage to ratchet yourself forward into possibility.

Force multipliers are leverage amplifiers, meaning they help something already working work more efficiently, effectively, or exponentially.

Improving skills, systems, tools, and processes are examples of force multipliers.

Another force multiplier that's accessible to everyone and easy to engage is relationships.

Relationships have a profound influence on your success.

You're not the average of just the people you spend the most time with. You're the cumulative average of your entire network and their entire network and their entire network and their entire network.

Seriously. Look it up. Scientific data backs up the assertion that your success is impacted by people who are three networks removed from your immediate network.

Your relationships have a massive impact on your success and the quality of your life.

How do you leverage the relationship assets that you already possess and turn them into a massive force multiplier to help you get clear about and closer to what you want? What relationship assets should you seek and nurture as force multipliers?

Here are five places to begin.

  1. Adjust, eliminate, or end toxic, harmful, or unsupportive relationships. (Pro tip: start with your relationship with yourself.)
  2. Amend the amount of time, attention, energy, and effort you expend on unhelpful relationships you can't adjust, eliminate, or end.
  3. Amplify existing relationships where you receive and deliver exceptional value.
  4. Acquire better teachers, leaders, mentors, and guides. 
  5. Access communities of learning and practice.*

What relationships do you need to find, fix, or fine-tune so they become greater leverage and force multipliers that get you clearer about and closer to what you want in your life's next chapter?

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Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at Creative on Purpose

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