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art of encore living personal development Apr 17, 2023

What’s the most effective way to get closer to what you want in the second half of life?


The first half of life rewards you for chasing more.

More money. More status. More stuff. More, more, more…

But has this relentless pursuit of happiness actually made you happy?

The research says no.

Why is that?

It’s a disconnect between causation and correlation.

Causation and correlation are often conflated, but they have distinct meanings.

Causation is a relationship between two variables where one variable directly affects another.

For instance, stepping on the gas causes your car to accelerate.

But does that correlate with getting where you want to be faster?

It depends.

Correlation is the relationship between associated variables, but one does not necessarily cause the other.

Without a clear destination and direction, stepping on the gas may mean simply going faster in circles or toward a cliff.

Causation implies correlation, but correlation doesn’t necessarily lead to causation.

So, how does this relate to leveraging restraint in navigating the second half of life?

Just because you played the game of life by rules dictated by institutionalized education and occupation and reaped the reward of more doesn’t mean that correlates with happiness.

Ancient philosophical and spiritual traditions and modern psychology and neuroscience reveal that true happiness requires very little once our immediate existential needs are met.

What we really want is to find fulfillment and joy in a few activities and relationships that align with our values and talents, where we can develop and share our unique gifts.

It turns out less is more. Restraint correlates with and causes real, sustainable happiness.

Defining who you really are, what you’re really good at, and where you really belong helps you dial in the few essential things necessary for fulfillment, meaning, and joy.

Then you can define a path that closes the gap efficiently with intention and integrity.

More is not the point in the second half of life. Restraint is its own reward.

Define the difference only you can make in the second half of life. Live your legacy. This correlates and causes a second half of life that rewards restraint with purpose and peace of mind.

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at Creative on Purpose

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