My Guardian Academy Capstone Project

tga Dec 18, 2022

I recently joined a community, a movement really, called The Guardian Academy.

TGA is dedicated to helping difference-makers get closer to what they really want in life and working together to make things better.

This video is my capstone project. It's video shared across my platform to help demonstrate my understanding and implementation of TGA fundamental and core principles and spread the word about the difference TGA is making in the world.

Below you'll find links to resources mentioned in the video presentation.


Who am I? 

What is The Guardian Academy?

My TGA origin story.

Laurel Portié sending me a copy of Bumpers and invite to join the Success Finder app.

Single most powerful insight from my time in TGA.

The power (and perils) of a decentralized community. How building on the fundamental principle of personal responsibility mitigates downside and creates asymmetry to the upside.

Clear communication of my Solvable Problem.

Flip the ratio of time spent on business with time spent with family.

Clear communication of my macro belief.

Legacy isn’t the money or monuments you leave behind. Legacy is the difference you’re making right now with and for people you care about. need to align my micro actions with that macro belief.

Outline of the bumpers I put in place.


Other evidence of action taken to implement the knowledge  I gained within TGA into my into your personal, social, or business life.

TGA-Related Blog posts and YouTube videos, Coaching Business Prescription course and guide, Difference-Maker Community, & Encore Life Coaching tool kit

Additional relevant insights or experience.

“Isn’t that interesting…?”


If you want to share a question or reflection with me about this capstone project (or anything else) email me anytime at [email protected].

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach & Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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