Who’s Your Guru?

personal development Jan 22, 2024
Scott Perry Promoting a Blog Post About Gurus

In contemporary usage, ‘guru’ often takes on a pejorative tone, commonly aimed at opportunistic influencers and charlatans.

While it’s justified to call out these phonies peddling snake oil remedies, it’s unfortunate that “guru” is the word we hang on them.

Historically, ‘guru’ is revered as a ‘dispeller of darkness,’ symbolizing a spiritual guide who imparts vital experiential knowledge.

Think Krishna’s dialogue with Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita or Socrates’ dialogues with the citizens of Athens. Modern-day examples might be Yoda’s instruction to Luke Skywalker about using the Force or Glenda the Good Witch’s timely interactions with Dorothy in’ The Wizard of Oz.’

I’ve encountered both authentic guides who’ve helped light the way toward personal and professional growth and, admittedly, a few convincing charlatans who took me down unnecessary rabbit holes (and took quite a bit out of my bank account).

The point is not all gurus are created equal. Most of us have been blessed with both bona fide guides AND fallen for the sibilant seductions of a fake.

What about you? Who’s been a legitimate spiritual guide in your journey? Who are the superficial opportunists who have led you down dead ends?

How do you discern the distinctions between gurus who are the genuine article and the counterfeits?

Choose your guru. Choose your future. Choose wisely.

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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