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You enhance your life most through work that serves others.

We’re inherently social creatures. Connecting and collaborating is how we survived as a species during our earliest days. 

Unselfish concern for others, approaching shared challenges with an attitude of service, and working for the common good are natural human instincts.

And yet, you don’t have to look far to find people who appear to be acting mean and selfish.

So what?

Think about those who act parsimoniously. They are likely doing what they think is right or expected. Although they may have acquired wealth or social status, has their chosen way led them to be truly happy? Do they exude joy?

The choice isn’t whether to act with compassion or cruelty.  The decision you get to make is whether to act in or out of alignment with your human nature. 

Acting out of alignment leads to suffering, while greater alignment leads to greater joy. 

Serving others allows you to transcend yourself and cultivate joy. Joy opens the door for sustained wonder, gratitude, hope, and grace.  

To live and work in service encourages love for our fellow human beings. To contribute to the benefit of humanity enhances your own character and virtue.

You enhance your life most through endeavors that elevate others.

Choosing to act altruistically is not a one-and-done decision. It’s a habit maintained through deliberate and determined daily practice.

Are you committed to altruism in your endeavor? Your day-to-day routines and relationships? 

How will you remind yourself to stay the course and not waver due to expediency or urgency? What will you do when fatigue or discouragement comes to visit?

This is an excerpt from Onward: Where Certainty Ends Possibility Begins.The audio comes from the audiobook edition available on Audible.

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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