Living From the Inside Out

art of encore living Jun 15, 2022

The exquisite opportunity available to us in the second half of life is less about reinvention and more of an invitation to become what we always were meant to be.

The first half of life is about accomplishment as measured by school and society. Living from the outside in.

The second half of life is about meaning as measured by contribution and connection. Living from the inside out.

Slough off the dead skin of what schooling and making a living required. Reimagine what living the good life really means.

And remember, it's easy to fall into the trap of always looking forward—seeking your becoming.

But it's in your being that you have the opportunity (and choice) to craft your journey of emergence.

And to live more authentically (and effortlessly) into your life's encore, don't forget to take a look back, all the way back, to what you've been.

You were once fearlessly curious, stepping into possibility, and fueled by wonder and joy.

How else would you have learned to walk and talk or all the other impossible things you achieved without external instruction or validation.

Those efforts and the acts were their own rewards, not their results or outcomes.

That is the exquisite invitation and opportunity of your life's second act—reconnecting with the awe and adventure of childhood as you employ the wisdom and experience of education and occupation to the difference only you can make in the second half of life for its own sake.

Are you ready to live into the second half of life on purpose? How are you doing that today?

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at The Art of Encore Living

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