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Arena Catalyst

Engage the Field & Close the Gap

The Arena is an implementation, iteration, and momentum program to help difference-makers achieve their life and business priorities.

The Arena includes exclusive content and calls to help you optimize your business and life.

Every Month You Can Participate In:

  • A Marketing & Sales Call With Laurel Porti√©
  • A Champion's Mind Call With Dr. Jeff Spencer
  • An Engage the Field & An Arena Accelerator Call With Nic Peterson

Every call includes access to the hosts for feedback and Q&A.

Catalyst is a force multiplier coaching program to expedite your progress.

Catalyst includes weekly coaching and hot seat sessions hosted by Scott Perry to accelerate your progress.

Weekly Catalyst Coaching Calls Help You:

  • Clarify Your Current Priority & Calibrate Your Path
  • Increase Certainty of Achievement
  • Collapse Time to Target

Arena Catalyst provides 1-year of access to both the monthly Arena calls and the weekly Catalyst coaching calls.

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Dr. Jeff Spencer, Performance Coach to Champions

Olympic medalist, mindset and performance coach to top athletes, entrepreneurs, and wealth managers on the planet.

Laurel Portié, Marketing Strategist

One of the most sought-after marketing minds since her $ 5-a-day ad strategy has continued to withstand the test of time.

Nic Peterson, Business Strategist

Founder of The Guardian Academy, founder and managing partner of several multi-million dollar businesses, and highly-sought business consultant.

Scott Perry, Catalyst Cornerman

Founder of Creative on Purpose, best-selling author of Onward, Akimbo Workshop head coach, and Catalyst coach.

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