Work Life Balance vs. Work Life Integration

art of encore living Jun 22, 2022

Encore living isn't about work-life balance.

Work-life balance is a delusion and an invitation to shame and suffering.

A life worth living is much more than two neatly ordered buckets.

What I'm learning in the second half of life is that I play MANY roles.

And HOW I show up in them is entirely my responsibility.

Climbing my life's second mountain hasn't been any less challenging than scaling the first, but it's far more joyful.

Why is that?

I'm clearer on who I really am, what I'm really here to do, and whom I do that work with and for.

Knowing that I'm entering my life's third and final act helps me clarify and commit to what REALLY matters.

Now that I know what's essential, I can spend my time deciding and doing what needs to be done AND I do it more effortlessly.

The alternative to the exhausting and impossible pursuit of work-life balance is the energizing and possible achievement of work-life integration.

How can you be who you are everywhere you go and do the best you can with and for those you're with?

What does living from the inside out and engaging on, with, and for a purpose look like to you?

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at The Art of Encore Living

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