How to Become Who You've Always Been Meant to Be

art of encore living Jul 04, 2022

How do you become who you're meant to be?

You must remember and reconnect with who you've always been.

For example...

When I was twelve, my friend Andy and I found patterns to make Muppet-style puppets in one of my mom's magazines.

We crafted a cast of puppets, built a stage, scripted a variety show, and invited the neighborhood to a summer's day performance.

We killed.

We staged several other shows, charging 50 cents a ticket, and enrolled my mom to sell popcorn and lemonade.

This is one of my favorite childhood memories.

I see my love for creativity, collaboration, and connection in it.

Is it any wonder I had a 25-year career as a professional musician?

I continue to leverage my love for creativity, collaboration, and connection through my endeavors, The Art of Encore Living.

What about you?

You were born sufficient and whole, possessing EVERYTHING you need to thrive and strive.

You were born on, with, and for a purpose.

Are you living on, with, and for a purpose right now?

How might reflecting on what you loved to do in the past help clarify what you should be doing now?

If you're looking for a trusted guide and a community of fellow travelers to help you rediscover your hidden wholeness and the work you're meant to do now, click here to learn how we can work together.

Let's get you guided and going, making the difference only you can make. We need you and waiting for you to share your gifts with us.

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at The Art of Encore Living

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