What is Creative on Purpose?

We help you f
ind fulfillment, forge meaning, and make a difference in your life's third act.

Living your legacy isn’t for everyone.

But a difference-maker like you can’t imagine being any other way.

You appreciate what you have 
and you recognize that things could be better. You know you can be and do more and better. You're ready to make a bigger contribution.

Creative on Purpose is a blog and broadcast that informs and inspires. Ready to take a bolder step into possibility in the difference only you can make? We offer coaching and community to help you get unstuck, out of your own way, and flying higher in endeavors that matter.

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About Scott Perry

I’m an Encore Life Coach helping people in midlife reconnect with their soul’s true calling and turn it into a fulfilling part-time online business.

Live your legacy.

I’m also a husband and father from Floyd, VA, USA, and a former head coach of Seth Godin’s Freelancer’s and Creative’s Workshops.

Are you ready to make your biggest impact in your life’s 3rd act?

Have wisdom and experience to share? Ready to build a lifestyle coaching business that’s fulfilling, fun, and funds your retirement?

Let’s define where you are and establish the essential steps to get you where you want to be efficiently and effortlessly.

Let’s get you going in living into your true soul’s calling today!

Heeding the Call

Do you feel you're meant to do more and better than what you've been told to do or what you do for a living?

I know I do.

Looking back on my journey of becoming, it feels like a winding search through the wilderness of institutional education and occupation searching for real meaning and identity—a pursuit of vocation.

What is vocation?

Vocation is derived from the Latin verb vocare, which means "to call." The question then arises, if vocation is a calling, where does it come from?

I spent my early working life looking for my vocation externally. I thought being a school teacher would give my life purpose. This pursuit resulted in landing teaching gigs at famous prep schools. Despite this, the experience left me frustrated and unfulfilled.

After that, I tried a lot of jobs (running restaurants, cafe operator, wine consultant, and more) and got similar results. I didn't find any meaning in management, status, or instructing. Every day in these jobs felt like the previous—a soul-sucking exercise in getting by and getting along.

After my first son was born, a wee small inner voice began whispering a dream about becoming a professional musician. I started doing it on the side. It quickly became a full-time endeavor.

Playing and teaching guitar for a living was challenging, for sure. It also was the first identity that felt comfortable to me. It provided a filter for making sense of the world. Every day wasn't the same as the day before. Every moment felt pregnant with opportunity and significance.

Despite a long, happy, and successful career playing for a living, I found myself again nudged by that wee small voice to explore "what's next." The problem was, I wasn't sure what that was.

At the urging of my wife and sons, I enrolled in Seth Godin's altMBA—a rigorous 30-day program in leveling up through challenging prompts and group work. I entered the altMBA curious to know if I could be and do more and better as a difference-maker. By the end of the session, the answer was a clear and resounding "yes."

I was subsequently hired as a coach in the Akimbo Workshops. This paved the way for my next path—writer, coach, and Chief Difference-Maker for my brand, Creative on Purpose.

My life is now enhanced by helping others find and refine their calling. Working with people who share my values and need my talents to discover their calling allows me to live my legacy every day. 

So, does vocation come from the inside out or the outside in? For me, the only correct answer is "Yes." It's a "both and" proposition.

I'm not sure that vocation is work you're born to do. I wonder instead if there's only the work you're meant to do now? Every one of us has the potential to serve and excel in many capacities.

I recently collided with a Quaker maxim about vocation, "Let your life speak." I love the elegant simplicity and provocative power of this simple statement.

Whether your calling comes from within or without, you'll miss it if you're not paying attention and able to trust yourself enough to try and find your way.

Your life is speaking to and through you right now. What is it telling you? What is it asking of you? Are you listening? Are you ready to heed the call?

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Our Vision & Mission

"Legacy isn't what you leave behind. It's the difference you're making now." - Scott Perry

Creative on Purpose envisions a world where everyone can find fulfillment and forge meaning through endeavors that serve others.

"You enhance your life most through endeavors that serve others." - Scott Perry

Creative on Purpose programs help those ready to heed the call of vocation define the difference only they can make and live their legacy.

Let's work together to make things better!

You can thrive as you strive...

Sure, everything, including you, is more or less fine. That's why the status quo is such a seductive hiding place. As a human being, you're programmed to crave knowing where you stand and what's expected of you.

And yet...

Things could be better. You can do better. And more of us should be finding fulfillment and prosperity through meaningful work done with and for the right people.

What to do?

The answer doesn't lie in a self-help book, an online course, or some influencer's motivational talk. The answer lies within you.

You already possess all you need to forge identity and meaning through more meaningful work.

Creative on Purpose doesn't give you a checklist, a road map, or promise any short-cuts. Our content and community are a compass to help you find and follow your own path.

Sure, we share tools to help you level up as an author and agent of your destiny. But the real promise is that you'll have a safe and brave space to practice an approach to showing up to do the work.

You'll also be surrounded by fellow travelers supporting you and keeping you on the hook.

It's time to step into possibility. It's time to develop your potential and deliver on your promise. It's time to be creative on purpose.

You, and the change you seek to make, are worth it.


Haven’t you wasted enough time simply imagining and planning what’s next? Are you tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere when you know you have so much more to offer?


Don’t die with the difference only you can make still inside.


Trust yourself. Invest in the difference only you can make. Get guided and get going.


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