Are you ready to fly higher in endeavors that make a difference?

Then it's time to be creative on purpose.

 What is Creative on Purpose?

People like us appreciate what we have and recognize that things could be better. Settling for the status quo isn't part of our DNA. But leaning into endeavors that make a difference is fraught. It's difficult work made even more so when you're doing it alone or, worse, surrounded by people who don't support or share your vision.

Finding fulfillment through meaningful work done with and for the right people doesn't have to be so hard and you don't have to do it alone.

Creative on Purpose is a blog and broadcast that informs and inspires. Ready to take a bolder step into possibility with your endeavor? We offer coaching and community to help you get unstuck and going with the difference you seek to make.

Let's step into possibility together.

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Content that Inspires

Creative on Purpose publishes insight and inspiration for flying higher in endeavors that make a difference every Monday on our blog.

Creative on Purpose Live broadcasts every Thursday on our Facebook Page. The show features conversations with people like you who are making a difference through endeavors done with and for others.

Can you really do it alone...?

Every great adventure includes fellow travelers. Join an active community of difference-makers supporting and encouraging each other in weekly live meet-ups and trainings. 

Ready to take a bolder step into possibility with your endeavor? Get clear on your goals, identify challenges, and strategically step into your potential with Difference Maker Coaching.

Our Vision & Mission

"Legacy isn't what you leave behind. It's the contribution you're making now." - Scott Perry

Creative on Purpose envisions a world where everyone can explore and develop their potential through fulfilling work done with and for others.

Creative on Purpose helps people like you see and step into possibility in your endeavor and start making the difference only you can make.

Let's make things better together!

Meet Coach Scott

Scott Perry is a husband, father, and teacher. In addition to being the Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose, he's on the head coach team at Seth Godin's Akimbo Workshops. Endeavor is Scott's latest top-selling book.

Scott helps people get where they need to go and enjoys a cemetery run every day. He's also fond of quoting Marcus Aurelius and probably does so more often then he should…

Scott believes excellence is cultivated through work that enhances the lives of others. He helps people like you step into what's next with curiosity, courage, and a commitment to make things better.

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You can thrive as you strive...

Sure, everything, including you, is more or less fine. That's why the status quo is such a seductive hiding place. As a human being, you're programed to crave knowing where you stand and what's expected of you.

And yet...

Things could be better. You can do better. And more of us should be finding fulfillment and prosperity through meaningful work done with and for the right people.

What to do?

The answer doesn't lie in a self-help book, an online course, or in some influencer's motivational talk. The answer lies within you.

You already possess all you need to build identity and forge meaning through your work.

Creative on Purpose doesn't give you a checklist, a road map, or promise any short-cuts. Our content and community serves as a compass to help you find and follow a path of your own.

Sure, we share tools to help you level up as an agent of your own destiny. But the real promise is that you'll have a safe space to practice an approach to showing up to do the work and be surrounded by fellow travelers supporting and encouraging you while keeping you on the hook.

It's time to step into possibility. It's time to develop your potential and deliver on your promise. It's time to be creative on purpose.

If you're ready, click the orange button and let's make things better together.


You can't make a difference without doing things differently...

Haven't you wasted enough time imagining and planning how to develop your potential and deliver on your promise? Tired of spinning in cycles of regret, anxiety, and doubt? Done with getting nowhere when you know you can make a difference? Click the orange button,take the assessment, and let's get going with the change only you can make!