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The Smallest Viable Step art of encore living personal development tga Nov 21, 2022

Making progress in your pursuit of making a better living while you make a bigger difference requires making decisions and taking action.

Of course, it helps to make deliberate decisions (ones that are weighed and considered) and to take action with intention and integrity.

It also helps if you...

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Meaning Matters art of encore living personal development Nov 16, 2022

Human beings are meaning-making machines.

We are uncomfortable with uncertainty and randomness.

We try to make sense of what we don't understand and impose order on chaos.

But here's the thing, in our desire to make sense of ourselves, our situation, and each other, we put another natural human...

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Make the Most of the Time You Have Left (By Doing Less) art of encore living personal development tga Nov 14, 2022

Aspiring and advancing difference-makers set goals and develop strategies for making an impact (and a living).

Many well-meaning change agents often think about what else they can do to amplify the reach and impact of the difference only we can make.

After all, human beings are...

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Selfishly Selfless art of encore living personal development tga Nov 09, 2022

Be selfishly selfless.

For most of us, this is a counterintuitive, even repugnant idea.

Only a narcissist would place himself in the #1 position in his life.


I don't think so.

Sure, a narcissist places his needs, wants, dreams, and desires ahead of everyone else's.

But only a narcissist...

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The (Fruitless) Pursuit of Happiness art of encore living personal development Nov 07, 2022

Why does the pursuit of happiness create so much misery?

Because happiness isn't a place. It can't be pursued.

The pursuit of happiness is a fruitless endeavor that can only result in frustration and emptiness.

So, does happiness matter?

Of course, we just need to understand what it is (and what...

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Navigating Risk art of encore living personal development tga Nov 02, 2022

If you're a difference-maker (and if you're reading this, you probably are or aspire to be), you're a risk-taker.

Difference-makers seek to make things better, and making things better requires coming up with creative, new solutions to persistent old problems.

For the difference-maker, navigating...

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Leaving Loops Open art of encore living personal development tga Oct 31, 2022

I've said it many times, human beings make sense of themselves, their circumstances, and each other through narrative.

Put another way, choose your story, choose your future.

And nothing makes a story more engaging than an open loop.

What's an open loop?

In storytelling, an open...

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You've got to change to change. art of encore living personal development Oct 26, 2022

You've got to change to change.

But change works in at least two directions—change for the better or, the worse.

Which direction are you going?

If you don't pay attention, you'll likely fall into the path of least resistance.

And that path leads somewhere worse, more often than not.

How do...

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What do you really want? art of encore living personal development tga Oct 24, 2022

How would you answer the question, "What do you want?"

The most common answers I hear are attached to "more."

More money. More status. More stuff.

But here's the thing, "more" rarely gets us closer to what we really want.

Through conversations with clients in midlife, I find...

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Which future are you killing off today? art of encore living personal development Oct 19, 2022

What does it mean to decide?

Decide comes from the Latin decidere, literally “to kill off from” (de “off” + caedere “to kill”).

In other words, when you decide to do a thing, you are also deciding to not do (kill) a host of other things.


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Are you tired of "almost?" art of encore living personal development Oct 17, 2022

Do you catch yourself having some uncomfortable conversations with yourself over and over?

I sure do.

One of my least favorites is the one where I tell myself that I'm "almost there" with achieving a goal.

With goals about my physical and financial health, the "almost there" conversation can go...

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You 're only one decision away from changing your life forever. art of encore living podcast appearances Oct 12, 2022

Power gets a bit of a bad rap these days.

This is because we see so many examples of powerful bad people.

But power is not inherently good or bad. It's simply an amplifier.

Power is the ability to direct or influence people or events.

If you're a terrible person before you step into your power,...

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