The (Fruitless) Pursuit of Happiness

art of encore living personal development Nov 07, 2022
Scott Perry Promoting a Blog Post

Why does the pursuit of happiness create so much misery?

Because happiness isn't a place. It can't be pursued.

The pursuit of happiness is a fruitless endeavor that can only result in frustration and emptiness.

So, does happiness matter?

Of course, we just need to understand what it is (and what it means).

Happiness is actually a naturally occurring SIDE EFFECT of worthwhile pursuits.

When you connect, collaborate, and create with integrity and intention, happiness simply happens.

Happiness then is a signal that we are finding fulfillment and forging meaning from our life situation (and even suffering).

What if, just for today, you let go of the empty pursuit of happiness and instead let it ensue from doing something that aligns with who you really are, what you're really good at, and where you really belong?

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at The Art of Encore Living

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