Choose Your Story...

personal development storytelling Jul 12, 2021
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Human beings have always made sense of themselves, their circumstances, and each other through narrative. I'm telling myself a story about myself, about what's going on around me, about you, and even telling myself a story about the story you're telling yourself about me.

It all gets very complicated and challenging very quickly.

And yet...

Whenever you're telling yourself a story that isn't serving you, the antidote is quite simple. Choose a better story.

Unfortunately, simple is never easy.

We are also creatures that love the status quo. We like to know where we stand and what's expected. Even when our status or situation is impeding our sense of flourishing, we take comfort in familiarity.

What to do?

Choose your story, choose your future.

Most of the time, the stories you are cycling on pop up unconsciously. What happens if you hit the pause button, bring in the conscious mind, zoom out, and reflect on the impact your default narratives have on your physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing?

What if you decide to periodically choose to be the curator of your experience, the steward of your perception, and the agent of your destiny? How might you then craft narratives that promote a sense of sufficiency while you strive to be and do better?

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach

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