Are you tired of "almost?"

art of encore living personal development Oct 17, 2022

Do you catch yourself having some uncomfortable conversations with yourself over and over?

I sure do.

One of my least favorites is the one where I tell myself that I'm "almost there" with achieving a goal.

With goals about my physical and financial health, the "almost there" conversation can go on for years.

What about you?

But what keeps me (or you) "almost there" instead of reaching your goal?

Saying "yes" to deciding.

Here are three reflections on years of being "almost there" that have helped me get "all the way there."

  1. Decisions aren't fast. I've struggled with decisions about my health and financial goals for years.
  2. I'm stuck on my health and financial goals because I wasn't decisive in the past.
  3. Getting from "almost there" to "all the way there" requires considering the cost of continued inaction (in time, money, attention, and well-being).

For instance, have I waffled on a decision to stick with a nutrition or savings plan before?


Is that why I'm still "almost there?"


Is it finally time to change that?

Yes. I'm ready.

And then, and only then, am I one decision away from changing my life forever.

And that decision is to actually do what I just decided to do.

What "almost there" goal do you want to become an "all the way there goal?"

What happens if you sit yourself down and have a clear, direct, and respectful conversation with yourself and then simply do the thing you decide must be done?

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at The Art of Encore Living

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