Selfishly Selfless

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Be selfishly selfless.

For most of us, this is a counterintuitive, even repugnant idea.

Only a narcissist would place himself in the #1 position in his life.


I don't think so.

Sure, a narcissist places his needs, wants, dreams, and desires ahead of everyone else's.

But only a narcissist expects everyone else to place his need above their own.

But you and I aren't narcissists. We're difference-makers.

And difference-makers are programmed to serve, sacrifice and even save others.

But here's the thing, always placing others' health and happiness above you're own is exhausting.

And exhaustion leads to frustration, bitterness, and burnout.

And then you're of no value to anyone.

What to do?

Be selfishly selfless and practice love from the inside out.

Every true leader knows this.

To fully practice care, consideration, compassion, and change for the better, you MUST protect the well-being of your primary asset first.

What's your primary asset?

Your own health, happiness, and humanity.

How are you showing up with and for those you serve today?

Are you going to give, and give, and give until you give out?

Or are you going to serve from the inside out?

How are you being selfishly selfless today?

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at The Art of Encore Living

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