Drew Smith - "Be bold."

tips from podcast guests Jan 21, 2022

Insight and inspiration for flying higher in the difference only you can make from guests who have appeared on Creative on Purpose Live.

This week's wisdom comes from a conversation with Nashville songwriter and musician, Drew Smith. Tune into the entire conversation here.

[SCOTT] If there was just one final, you know, if it's a quote, if it's a piece of advice, if it's a tip or just a quick story, that would help someone fly a little bit higher in the difference only they can make, what would you share with them?

[DREW] I think it would just to be bold. Just wake up and be bold.

And don't be afraid of losing little things that don't matter. Don't be afraid of letting go of little things that in the grand scheme of it don't matter.

Get up and be bold as much as possible. Some days are harder than others but just be bold.

Drew delivered a powerful call to step into, stay in, and share your power. How might you act "born ready" today?

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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