Born Ready

personal development May 31, 2021
image of newborn to support blog post about being committed to action

Beginning any journey worth embracing is often met, at first, with some amount of trepidation. After all, human beings are pre-programmed to be wary of uncertainty.


We are also hardwired for adventure.

For almost twenty years, I served my community guiding musical pilgrimages at my guitar studio. For me, this work went beyond teaching chords and songs. Music-making is a gift that is meant to be shared. My students performed publicly several times a year, regardless of age or skill level.

Learning any instrument is both fraught and fun. To lean through the former and into the latter, my students and I practiced a ritualistic response to the question, "Are you ready?" The one and only answer allowed in the studio or on stage was, "Born ready!"

I began every lesson with a quick explanation of what we'd cover that day and then ask my student, "Are you ready?" They'd respond, "Born ready," and we'd begin. In public performance, after my student introduced themselves and the song they were sharing, I'd ask, "Are you ready?" After replying "Born ready," we'd count ourselves in with "A one, and a two, and a you know what to do," and launch into our song.

Difference-makers like you and I can benefit a great deal from developing a predisposition to leaning into an endeavor that might not work with playfulness and boldness. A posture of acting "as if" helps anyone step into possibilities worth exploring half a shade braver and a bit more curious.

How are you exploring the edges of your understanding and ability today? Are you ready?

Scott Perry, Difference-Maker Coach at Creative on Purpose.

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