The Three Keys to Self-Awareness

personal development tga Aug 21, 2023
Scott Perry Promoting a Blog Post About Self-Awareness

Self-awareness begins with self-efficacy.

You have to trust yourself and your ability to know who you are and your capacity to get what you want before you can close those gaps.

But the desire to know where you stand and what's expected of you that's hardwired by biology and evolution and reinforced by society can keep you humble and hiding.

What to do?

Here are three places to begin.

  1. Receptivity: Keep open loops.* Consider multiple, counter-intuitive, and even contradictory perspectives. Question your assumptions, beliefs, and biases.
  2. Restraint: More ≠ Closer.* You don't need more knowledge. Define what's essential and what's non-negotiable to achieve what matters and micro-step* your way into possibility.
  3. Responsibility: Embrace your agency over what's yours (your thoughts, decisions, and actions), and let go of what's not (outcomes and the scrutiny and expectations* of others).

Who you really are, where you really belong, and what you really want all emerge from navigating your day-to-day circumstances and inner dialogue with receptivity, restraint, and responsibility.

How are you practicing receptivity, restraint, and responsibility today?

*h/t Nic Peterson, Dan Nicholson, Randy Massengale, & The Guardian Academy

Scott Perry, Difference-Maker Coach at Creative on Purpose.

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