Power Struggle

personal development Oct 04, 2021
girl in grl pwr hoodie

Do you struggle to understand what power is and where it resides? I know I do.

Part of the struggle is understanding that power is often associated with assumptions that are not absolutes.

Power doesn't have to be coercion, corrupting, or confined to people with certain personalities, positions, or levels of prosperity.

Power can be used to influence, inspire, and is available to anyone with the courage to see, step into, stay in, and share their power asset. An asset built of your unique abilities, attitude, and approach to making a difference.

You can refuse your power or give it away, but no one can take your power away from you without your permission.

Too often, people like us treat our own power as a finite resource. If you spend it and give your power away in activities and relationships that aren't reciprocal or are frivolous, you become drained and exhausted.

How might investing your power with intention and integrity help you make it a renewable resource?

You and I are more powerful than either of us can imagine. What happens if you embrace and engage your power in worthwhile activities done with and for the right people?

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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