What is an endeavor?

creative on purpose basics Jan 13, 2021
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An endeavor is more than a hobby. It's work done out loud and in public.

Your endeavor might be a passion project or side hustle. It may be a personal or professional enterprise. It can be your occupation or responsibility, but your endeavor isn't necessarily summed up by your job or role.

What's your endeavor for?

You enhance your life most through work that elevates others. Your endeavor is a vehicle for living your legacy. Legacy isn't what you leave behind. It's the difference you're making now.

We all have responsibilities and obligations that require us to do work we have to do. An endeavor is the work you get to do. It's the work you're meant to do now, work that develops your potential while enhancing the lives of others.

So, what's your endeavor?

Your endeavor isn't the work you were born to do. There's no single purpose any of us are born to do. Purpose (and passion) come from applying yourself to the work that's right in front of you with care and consideration. Your endeavor is how you create the difference only you can make.

This work is at the intersection of who you are, what you're good at, and where you belong. Find the people who share your values and need your talents to enhance their lives, and you have found your next endeavor.

Are you ready to live your legacy? Discover, develop, and deliver an endeavor that makes a difference.

Scott Perry, Difference-Maker Coach at Creative on Purpose.

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