What does it mean to live your legacy?

creative on purpose basics Jan 06, 2021

When things work out how you planned, it’s easy to assume it’s due to your genius and good planning. When things don’t, it’s easy to blame others or fate for conspiring against you.

The truth is, there are never guaranteed outcomes.

This is especially true for creative approaches to embracing uncertainty and navigating adversity in meaningful work. There’s simply too much beyond your control.

Significance and purpose are found through worthwhile efforts, not in their outcomes.

Do your work on purpose, with integrity, and for a reason.

You begin to live your legacy by letting go of old stories about yourself that no longer serve you. This opens the door for better effort and fulfillment.

To live your legacy is to accept what is and set aspirations for what’s next. Acceptance of what’s now isn’t passive resignation. Life doesn’t happen to you. Life happens through you.

Your only responsibility is to put forth your best effort.

Legacy isn’t the money and monuments you leave behind. Legacy is living fully and well, no matter what fate delivers.

Legacy is the difference you make now. It’s who you are and what you do to make things better today.

That’s what it means to live your legacy. This is on offer if you lean in and level up in the endeavor you’re meant for now.

Are you ready to get going with the difference only you can make and start living your legacy? Let’s go.

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Scott Perry, Difference-Maker Coach at Creative on Purpose

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