What does it mean to be a difference-maker?

creative on purpose basics Jan 06, 2021
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For people like us, it means being someone who’s leaning in and leveling up in endeavors that enhance your life while elevating others’ lives. Making things better. Serving. Doing the work. Living your legacy. Being creative on purpose.

To be a difference-maker is to pursue excellence in yourself and your craft while cultivating the same in others. Developing your potential and delivering on your promise by engaging in meaningful efforts done with and for others.

What does it take to make a difference?

Doing things differently, of course.

What got you where you’re at won’t get you where you want to go. To continue to fly higher in your enterprise requires breaking the status quo created by yesterday’s accomplishment so that you step into tomorrow’s possibility.

Difference-makers seek the edges of what’s now and set their aim on what’s next. They see the silver linings in challenges and find opportunities in every obstacle. All the while keeping in mind what the change they seek to make is for.

To be a difference-maker is to set every goal with intention, every strategy is created with integrity, every tactic is executed with consideration. Outcomes are always uncertain. The quality of your effort is the reward.

Making a difference isn’t for everybody. But people like us can’t imagine living and working any other way.

Ready to make a difference? Be a difference-maker. Define your next endeavor, and let’s go!

Scott Perry, Difference-Maker Coach at Creative on Purpose.

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