Thought Leadership

personal development May 05, 2021
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It seems to me that being a thought leader requires just two things, a thought and a willingness to lead.

But is that really enough?

There are more than enough people sharing their thoughts. What's less clear is how much leadership is actually happening...

Leadership is the ability to lead. Leading is a verb. To lead is to guide a community in an activity that advances a cause.

Thoughts are all well and good. By all means, develop ideas worth sharing and share them. But leading others in endeavors that make a difference requires a commitment to stand up and be seen, speak up and be heard, and then do what must be done to make worthwhile change happen.

That probably means doing more than sharing your thoughts in your blog or on social media. Actually, that definitely means doing more than sharing your ideas in your blog or on social media.

Thought leadership requires you do the work and do it with and for others with compassion, consideration, courage, and commitment. 

We can't follow your lead if we don't find you engaged in creative leadership.

Where are you showing up to do the real work of thought leadership?

Scott Perry, Difference-Maker Coach at Creative on Purpose.

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