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Do the Work

personal development May 04, 2020

Flying higher in meaningful endeavors requires committed and consistent effort. It's a daily practice of leaning into worthwhile challenges and interesting problems in the pursuit of making things better.

And it's definitely not for everybody.

But for people like us, we can't imagine doing anything else but to do the work.

Thinking about the work or educating yourself about the work is a seductive substitute. Still, to truly get better in your endeavor, there's only one path. Do the work.

To some, it sounds exhausting. But when we do the work with intention and integrity and do it with and for the right people, the exertion is exhilarating.

We get better in our endeavor when we reach for the edges in our knowledge and ability and maybe just a bit beyond. Stretching and striving to create possibility.

We know we're heading in the right direction when we meet and feel resistance. Fear is a compass. Failure is part of the gig. Resilience and resolve are not just rewarded, they're required.

Our stumbles are a signal to find relevant resources to navigate the hard parts and help us continue stepping into possibility. Taking small steps daily provides ample opportunity to celebrate results. We can then reflect on where we are now so we can define and take our next steps.

We develop a mindset for thriving while striving through the posture and practice of doing the work. Ready? It's time to do the work.

Let's go.

Scott Perry - Difference Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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Ready to get out of your own way and start doing the work you're meant for?

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Stepping Into Possibility is a 3-minute read that shares three questions. Answer them to get going with the difference you seek to make.


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