The Perils of Prioritization

personal development Nov 17, 2021
prioritise spelled out in scrabble

Don't get me wrong, priorities matter. For years my Gmail signature line read, "Scott Perry, Husband, Father, Teacher, Musician." I created this on purpose to help me keep my priorities straight.

But how many things are you prioritizing? The thing about prioritization is that it only works when you're paying attention to items that are actually a priority.

I'm prone to clinging to too many ideas, beliefs, and activities as if they are priorities when most are really distractions. What about you?

What to do?

For me, the first step is to remind myself of my vision—the world I'm co-creating with and for people who share my values and need my work to enhance their lives. 

The second is to be sure everything on my priority list is serving my current mission—the endeavor I'm currently engaged in with and for those I serve.

The third and final step is to sacrifice all the priorities that don't directly serve my mission and help fulfill my vision.

Less is more.

Sometimes sacrifice looks like outsourcing something important but not urgent. Other times it means putting some things on the back burner. Often it means simply letting something go that is not truly serving me.

How many things are you prioritizing? Are they all serving your current mission and vision? What might happen if you sacrifice the distractions and the unnecessary and focus on what really matters?

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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