The Gift of Presence

art of encore living personal development stoicism Dec 27, 2021

The life of a difference-maker is rewarding, for sure. It's also challenging. There are endless opportunities, distractions, interesting problems to solve, and connections to consider.

The irony is, how you lean into navigating these "challenge opportunities" is what makes the work we do so fulfilling.

How do you work on the inevitable problems that arise without letting them work on you?

Today I invite you to give yourself the gift of presence.

What does that mean?

Difference-makers like you and me are most often forward-facing and future-focused. We are generous (often to a fault) and frequently give until we give out.

Cultivating presence is about seeing and staying in the here and now while we engage in making change happen with and for those we serve.

How can you consciously invite moments of stillness and spaciousness into your daily efforts to make things better?

When do you pause and zoom out for a moment to bring some context and objectivity to doing the work? 

What do you do to hold space to refill your tank? A few minutes of box breathing? Meditation? Stretching? Body scanning?

A moment of presence reminds you that right now, in this very moment, everything about you, your situation, and those you find yourself with are perfect in every way

You serve others best when you serve yourself first. Serve from the inside out.

Check in with yourself right now. How are you doing? Give yourself the gift of presence.

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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