Tell Me a Story

storytelling Dec 06, 2021
girl in dress facing out

Story is how we humans have always made sense of ourselves, our situation, and each other. To be a human being (and a difference-maker) is to be a storyteller.

What story are you telling yourself about yourself and what's happening today?

Stories provide the way in when you want to develop your potential and deliver on your promise as a difference-maker. You begin with a narrative about who you are (and are not), what you do (and don't do), and why it matters (or doesn't matter).

When you succeed in your quest to level up in the difference only you can make, story also provides the way out. You leave behind the old story about yourself that no longer serves you and cross the threshold into possibility.

In between, there is more storytelling. Lots of storytelling. Some stories are healthier and more accurate than others. Many of the stories compete or are in conflict with each other.

Sometimes you drive the narrative. More often, it drives you. But in the end, where you end up is up to you. You get to decide how you frame yourself and your situation and which way you go next.

Choose your story, choose your future.

It sounds simple because it is simple. The problem is that simple is seldom easy. That's what makes it worth your time, attention, and effort.

Are you choosing to live into a better story about yourself or about making things better today?

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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