Taking Care of Business

personal development Nov 03, 2023
Scott Perry Promoting a Blog Post About Doing What You Do Better By Becoming a Better Person

Are you navigating a difficult life transition, tired of feeling stuck and uninspired about where you’re at, or confused about what’s next for you?

It’s time to start taking care of business.

Business is a funny word. We associate it with work done to make a living. But the original meaning is more expansive (and interesting).

The original sense of business is “the state of being much occupied or engaged.”

What’s keeping you occupied and engaged these days?

Maybe it’s making a living or maintaining a home. Or perhaps it’s navigating “what’s next” if those roles have ended.

Whatever’s keeping you busy, if it matters to you, then you have a vested interest in doing it better.

Doing what you do better begins with becoming a better human.

What have you tried already? 

You may read self-help books, watch instructional videos, attend motivational seminars, join mastermind groups, or scroll social media for insight and inspiration. 

But those approaches don’t work. Why? 

Because any of those approaches is just an aimless pursuit of knowledge gathering, you’re collecting dots without connecting them.

Knowledge gathering actually causes you greater confusion and moves you further away from what you want.

You need a system to get something worth doing done.

A system is your plan for executing the business of being a better you and doing what you do better.

And here’s the thing about systems. They’re only as reliable as the product of the efficiency of their component parts.

And the least reliable component of ANY system is the human at the controls.

The first order of business, then, is to work on the human at those controls.

But how do you do that?

Click here to learn the nine fundamentals of becoming a better human.

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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