The Path to Wisdom

art of encore living personal development tga Jul 12, 2023
Scott Perry Promoting a Blog Post About the Path to Wisdom

What is the path to wisdom?

Here's an approach I'm playing with.

Knowledge => Learning => Intelligence* => Virtue => Wisdom

Let's define our terms.

  • Knowledge - the acquisition of information
  • Learning - the implementation of knowledge to change behavior
  • Intelligence - applying learning to get what you want
  • Virtue - intelligence practiced with integrity and intention
  • Wisdom - pursuing virtue without attachment to expectations, scrutiny, or outcomes

I don't need more knowledge to get closer to what I want.

Instead, applying what I already know provides learning that nurtures intelligence, bringing me closer to what I want.

And by incorporating virtue, wisdom becomes an emergent property.

The process becomes the shortcut and its own reward.

*h/t Dr. Todd Snyder & Nic Peterson

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at Creative on Purpose

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