personal development Mar 07, 2022

I'm embarrassed by how much I practiced a hustle and grind approach to my endeavor.

I was conflating productivity with progress and living up to my nickname, "Mr. Over Do It Man."

If grit is having purpose, passion, and perseverance, then I was as gritty as they come.

But for too long, I struggled to gain traction and momentum in the difference I wanted to make. The tipping point of connecting with enough of the right people willing to invest in themselves and my offer remained elusive.

How do you cultivate flow, ease, and intentional action in your pursuit of better living through work that matters?

As my aim, aspiration, and audience come into clearer focus, I find myself asking two questions more and more often.

  1. "What's essential?"
  2. "How can I do it more effortlessly?"

These questions help me clear the cruft of seductive distractions and shiny tactics that cause me to spin too many cycles that feel like the real work but are actually meaningless busywork.

What difference are you making? What small task could you execute with ease to move that effort forward the farthest and fastest?

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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