Dr Jeff Spencer - "Don’t step onto the field until you’re ready."

tga tips from podcast guests May 17, 2023

Insight and inspiration for flying higher in the difference only you can make from guests who have appeared on Creative on Purpose Live.

This week’s wisdom comes from a conversation with Champion Mindset Cornerman, Dr. Jeff Spencer.

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[DR. JEFF] "Well, first off, a major tenet in the champion space is that you don't step onto the field until you're ready."

"Again, I think a lot of people prematurely step onto the field, fearing that if they don't take a step now that the universe will feel like it's not being honored because we're taking too much time. We need to have more faith in the universe to fill in all the gaps."

"Nobody that plays a big game ever looks at it like that. They make sure they check off all the boxes enough. I didn't say to be perfect. I said enough to know that they're ready to step onto the field."

"People also are sometimes premature because they feel like if I don't step onto the field right now somebody's gonna jump and cut in front of me and get first dibs about an idea that I've got. That's a fear-based decision that will backfire. It can't possibly get us to where we want to get to."

"Another reason why people have a tendency to jump too fast is everybody thinks 'Well, if you're stalled, you've got to think bigger.' The reason why you're stalling is you're not thinking big enough. I think you're going in just exactly the opposite direction."

"I think we need to learn the model and be confident in our capacity because scaling is you're just doing the same thing but at a different magnitude that you've acclimatized yourself to basically over time."

"So, I would just say 'Take your time man,' and make sure that you've got a model that you can follow that allows you to be able to progressively give yourself a chance to develop and learn the skill. Because if we don't, and we lose confidence in ourselves prematurely because it was too much too fast, then it's easy to get gun shy and talk ourselves into a much smaller game.”

[SCOTT] "Absolutely brilliant. I love that idea that we are sufficient as we strive. We can be both of these things all the time. Really, really profound."

Dr. Jeff just delivered a powerful reminder about time, receptivity, and restraint. How are you leveraging these skills today to help you get closer to what you wish to excel at?

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at Creative on Purpose

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