Your REAL Legacy

art of encore living personal development Jul 18, 2022
Your life's REAL legacy is what you contribute in your life's 3rd act.
Answer these 3 questions to define your soul's purpose, cultivate greater fulfillment, and even fund the encore life of your dreams.
  1. Who are you REALLY? Never mind the resume values you collected; what are the eulogy values you want to be remembered for?
  2. What are you REALLY good at? If the skills you were forced to learn at school and on the job don't light you up, it's time to reconnect with your inherent talents.
  3. Where do you REALLY belong? Bloodline and geography don't absolutely define your scene. Everyone's life is enhanced when you spend more time with people who share your values and need your talents.
Your life's 1st and 2nd acts were journeys of achievement and success as defined by others.
Your 3rd act is a journey of discovery and joy experienced from the inside out.
Don't die with the difference only you can make still inside.
More perspective can be found in this article published in The Christian Science Monitor.

How can you start living more joyfully into your legacy today?
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Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach at The Art of Encore Living

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