When is it time to change your mind?

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Scott Perry Promoting a Blog Post About When to Change Your Mind

What should you do when you realize you're playing a game you no longer want to play?

Ignore sunk costs and walk away.

I get it. It's hard.

Most  of us over-identify with roles and goals in ways that are unhealthy or nurture our unhappiness.

Or we fall into the identity trap by clinging to roles and goals that are no longer necessary or serve us.

In midlife, I walked away from two roles that meant a LOT to me for a LONG time, father and musician.

Fatherhood has been a dream since childhood. But being an active, involved parent to boys in their late twenties and early thirties doesn't promote their thriving or mine.

Being a professional musician was also a lifelong dream. But after a 30-year career, I realized I was done with it, and life was calling me to do something else.

Have you caught yourself playing a role or pursuing a goal that no longer serves you?

What to do?

Here's the thing, life comes with a reserve clause.

You have the right (even the obligation) to change your mind about who you are and what you do as your circumstances, personality, or needs evolve.

Life isn't a finite game. It's an infinite one. The point of the game of life isn't to win. It's to keep playing.

And remember, games are supposed to be fun.

What roles and goals are you clinging to? Do they still light you up?

If not, maybe it's time to execute life's reserve clause and find a new game to play.

h/t Nic Peterson, "Bumpers" and Seth Godin

Scott Perry, Difference-Maker Coach at Creative on Purpose.

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