What's now? What's next?

personal development Mar 15, 2021
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If you're reading this, you're an aspiring or advancing difference-maker. What's going on in your endeavor right now? What needs to happen next to continue developing your potential and delivering on your promise in your enterprise?

Here are three questions to help you re-center, re-calibrate, and re-clarify where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

  1. What is the difference only you can make, and how do you define it?
  2. Where are you now in this venture, and where do you want to be?
  3. What strategy are you employing to level up by doing the work with and for the right people?

Are you ready to get real about making progress in developing and delivering the work you're meant to do now? Here are three more questions.

  1. Do you really trust yourself?
  2. How are you investing in yourself?
  3. What daily routines and relationships are keeping you on the hook and doing the work every day?

Flying higher in the difference only you can make requires revisiting these questions frequently. Real progress in worthwhile efforts is not a one-and-done exercise. It's like sweeping the floor. You must return to it often.

If you answered the questions above, what did you learn? Much more important, what will you do with these insights?

Scott Perry, Difference-Maker Coach at Creative on Purpose. 

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