What's your vision for 2021?

personal development Dec 30, 2019
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Progress in your endeavor must begin with answering this question, "What is your vision for a better world?" 

Answer that question for 2021 and establishing your mission, goals, strategy, and tactics for 2020 becomes much easier.

What's your vision for 2021? Who will you serve? How will your endeavor make things better for them?

My vision for 2021 is that we all experience a greater sense of purpose and passion through endeavors that make a difference.

My mission for 2020 is to help the entire Creative on Purpose community move from dreaming to doing in work that's worth it.

My 2020 goal is to help at least one hundred of you move from practicing your craft to experiencing prosperity through your work.

The strategy for doing this is to get one hundred members of the Creative on Purpose community to connect the dots and with each other in the Difference Maker coaching program and community.

Tactically this includes 1:1 coaching and group coaching sessions every month and weekly goals and check-ins. Together we'll step into possibility every day with integrity and intention.

Affiliation, accountability, and action are all required to make worthwhile change happen. I promise to provide all of this and more to this group of one hundred difference makers for the next twelve months and beyond.

"You can change your life, I can change mine, and that together we can change the world around us." - Norman Vincent Peale

What promise are you making for 2020? Who are you convening with to make it happen?

Let's keep flying higher together in endeavors that make a difference in the new year!

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

Ready to get going with the difference only you can make? Start living your legacy. It's time to be creative on purpose!

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