What's the difference only you can make?

personal development Feb 16, 2021
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Do you ever feel like you were born to do more than what you do for a living? What's the difference only you can make in the world?
Becoming my better self is a journey in endeavors that serve others–husband, father, coach, and community facilitator. Each vocation enhances my life as I elevate the lives of those I do my work with and for.
These enterprises are fraught with moments of doubt, despair, and difficulties. I accept that's simply part of the gig. Yet even on the most exhausting days, I am energized. I experience fulfillment and flourishing even on the days I flounder and fail.
When I published my first book, The Stoic Creative, I started developing the Venn diagram above to illustrate an easy to understand and execute process for dialing in the difference only you can make. I also call this "the work you get to do" and "an endeavor that matters."
The Venn diagram was iterated in both The Creative on Purpose Handbook and Endeavor. These improvements are the result of engaging with hundreds of readers, clients, and workshop participants.
My mission at Creative on Purpose is to prevent anyone from dying with the difference only they can make still inside them.
Legacy isn't what you leave behind. It's the difference you're making today.

Are you ready to live your legacy?
Are you willing to take a small, bold step into your potential and possibility?
This 2-hour workshop is being offered twice at a steep discount at the end of this month. This one-time offer includes lifetime access to the replay, a print edition of the repeatable process, and a full month of support.
Purpose and passion aren't destinations that reside in any particular work. Purpose and passion come from doing the work right in front of you with intention and integrity.
Let's work together to discover an initiative that helps you forge meaning, build identity, and cultivate joy every day.
Let's fly higher together in endeavors that make a difference!

Scott Perry, Difference-Maker Coach at Creative on Purpose. 

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