What Is an Endeavor?

endeavor book excerpts Feb 20, 2019

It's more than a hobby, but not necessarily your job or role. It’s a vocation found at the intersection of who you are, what you're good at, and where you belong. An endeavor is work that you are meant to do now.

An endeavor cultivates gratitude because you don’t have to do it, you get to do it. It also generates appreciation in others because it is a gift generously shared with those who need it.

Endeavors shun the status quo. These efforts intend to transform. Endeavors strive to help people get from where they are to where they want to be.

Endeavors cultivate fulfillment and well-being. They align who you are, what you do, and where you belong. These enterprises encourage a sense of passion and purpose. Endeavors inform a healthy perspective about your status and level of prosperity.

You might luck out and “wander” into a vocation, but a thoughtful approach gives you better odds of developing and delivering work that is significant and satisfying.

Here’s a Venn diagram of how you can identify your next endeavor.

This book shares an approach to identify, develop, and deliver work that makes a difference. It’s not a checklist, nor a step-by-step system. It’s a set of concepts and practices developed through my journey as a husband, father, teacher, and musician that helps me thrive every day.

The approach laid out here is also honed through my coaching practice and the work I do as a coach in online programs created by Seth Godin. Everything shared here has helped countless others experience a greater sense of well-being and fulfillment while navigating a challenging journey into what’s next.

Keep Flying Higher!

*This is an excerpt from my best-selling Amazon title, Endeavor: Cultivate Excellence While Making a Difference.

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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