What Are You Doing to Save the World?

personal development Aug 13, 2018
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It's a big, bold, hairy, wicked question. "What are you doing to save the world?"

My guess is that most would answer with something like, "Me? You're asking me? What can I possibly do to save the planet?"

So, I asked the question on Facebook Profile last Wednesday. I must say, I'm really surprised, and heartened, by the answers so far!

Most of the responses reveal that people are doing what they can. Small, significant acts that are making a difference. What's more, they're not "random acts of kindness." They're intentional choices made with empathy and done with generosity.

I assert that this is one of our deepest inherent human impulses, to serve others and the world at large.

We're not the thoughtless, selfish, narcissistic creatures corporate media and marketers treat us as. There's plenty of ancient wisdom that supports this assertion.

"What injures the hive injures the bee." - Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 6.54

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". - Jesus, Matthew 7.12

There are plenty of other examples from ancient religious and philosophical traditions here, but you get the idea. We are hardwired to be caring and compassionate creatures.

Saving the world doesn't require you to start a non-profit or a social movement or run for office. You can begin simply by being kind to yourself and then extending that compassion to others.

So, what are you doing to save the world today?


Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose.

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