Teach to Learn

personal development Feb 11, 2019
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Teaching is what I was born for. Some of my earliest childhood memories are about sharing what I just learned with others.

What I've learned is that teaching serves the teacher as much as the student. It reveals what you truly understand and what you don't. This allows you to leverage your strengths while you develop your weaknesses.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to become a better teacher, and therefore, a better learner.

  • What have I learned or discovered?
  • Will it serve others as well?
  • How can I frame what I learned so others can learn it more easily than I did?
  • How can I share that frame in a way that encourages others to share it as well?

Teaching creates tension and leverages status. Good teachers do so ethically and with empathy. You simultaneously reveal incompetence while holding out the promise of competence in an endeavor that matters. Good teachers beget good teachers. They elevate and enhance the community.

Teachers make a difference. They change and improve the status quo. Teaching is a generous, compassionate, and courageous activity.

Want to be a better learner? Become a better teacher!

Keep flying higher!

Scott Perry, Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose

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